Utah rolls to 34-13 win over Colorado

Zach Moss runs for 196 yards and 2 touchdowns in Utah's 34-13 win over Colorado.

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- Meanwhile, a second down and 11 for Utah's offense. With Zack Moss taking the pitch from Troy Williams, and finding some space to deliver a blow, and stay on his feet for the touchdown!


- Well, you said he runs hard.

- That's one of

The most punishing runs I've seen this year from anybody.

- Now moving left. Here is Moss. And he is in. His second touchdown of the game. Ground and pound, and the Utes, with a chance to make it 14 to nothing. The Utes look like the team off a bye. Here's Williams, delay, into the end zone! Touchdown, Utah! And the senior getting the opportunity on senior day. Puts up the Utes by three scores.


What a story for that young man.

- Good ball security.

- Plenty of time here, but they won't need it. Troy Williams, high stepping in!


- Well, it's pretty simple, if you can't tackle the back, the zone read game is going to be pretty lethal. And it has been twice now for Troy Williams.

- First trip into the red zone of the game for the Buffs. And they're gonna hand to Phillip Lindsay. Spinning his way, down to the 1, and he's in. Touchdown. And maybe the fire is not gone for Colorado. - Montez, fakes. Following Bounds, and he's into the end zone. With tight ends lead blocking, Aaron Haigler, the guard, threw the block that opened the hole, and Steven Montez scores back to back touchdown drives for the Buffs. First down and 10, at the 14 yard line. Montez, looking. He wants Bobo. He doesn't see Anae, who strips the ball away. And Cody Barton recovers it!


And the Utah defense steps up.

- Bradley Anae, with just a textbook dive at Steven Montez, making the tackle with one side of his body, and slapping that ball out with the other. And very opportunistic, Cody Barton with the scoop and attempted score. There you see Anae blowing right by Jonathan Huckins, and just making that play with his hands.

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