Gaskin’s 4 TDs lead No. 17 Washington to 41-14 blowout of No. 13 Washington State

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Myles Gaskin rushes for 192 yards and 4 touchdowns in Washington's blowout win over Washington State.

ANNOUNCER 1: Second and goal, here comes Gaskin for a Washington touchdown. 11-play drive to start the score in Seattle.


Empty set on second and short. Great coverage down field again. Falk trying to find a window. Now he scrambles-- needs the 32, and gets caught short by Keishawn Bierria. The ball is out, and Washington has it. The second turnover forced by the Dogs defense.


Browning's back in for first and goal of Gaskin. Double the tight ends now. Browning will sneak it. He's in. Touchdown Washington-- promptly taking advantage of the takeaway.


And a 31-yarder to set up the game winning field goal. With a head of steam, it's Gaskin into the secondary. Myles Gaskin into Washington State territory.


Instead, they keep it on the ground and why not. Gaskin plunges his way in for the second time tonight. Washington's opened up a three-score lead.


Cougars yet to convert a third down today, facing a four-man rush. Falk over the middle gets picked off. It's Ben Burr-Krvien. Third interception of the day for Washington.


ANNOUNCER 2: And this has happened on every interception so far today. Luke Falk's just not seen the defense.

ANNOUNCER 1: Three touchdowns and eight interceptions. Gaskin makes one man miss, accelerates. Myles Gaskin leaping for the end zone-- his third touchdown of the day. And the route is on in Apple Cup.


ANNOUNCER 2: --just don't see Chris Peterson wanting to be part of that.

ANNOUNCER 1: This is a pretty darned good situation he's got here. Myles Gaskin into the clear. Gaskin inside the 10, inside the 5, first and goal.

How about a four touchdown day? Emblematic of how this day has gone-- untouched into the end zone for Myles Gaskin.


ANNOUNCER 2: And safety Jalen Thompson was the free defender. And after one cut, that's all it took for Gaskin to get in the end zone.

Here's Patmon. And that will do it. All Washington. And I said UC Irvine-- UC Davis product Chris Peterson, unbeaten in Apple Cups. And Washington has won five in a row in this series, 8 of the last 9. And with the win, Stanford will represent the North against USC in the PAC 12 championship on Friday.

- This is a top 15 defensive you faced tonight. You run for over 300 yards without Lavon for most of the game. Myles ran wild. What impresses you the most about Myles?

- Yeah, he's a heck of a player. You give him a crease he's going to find it. And he's really, really strong, and he's deceptively fast. He does all those things. He's a heck of a player.

- We saw Lavon at the end of the night in a walking boot. Dante Pettis was also sidelined. What can you tell us about their status going forward?

- I think they're going to be OK. They got ankle sprains, and we got some time to get healed up. So hopefully we get them back.

- All right, thanks coach.

- Yeah, thank you.

ANNOUNCER 1: All right, Bruce. Thanks to Coach Petersen for the time as Washington, again, takes the Apple Cup.