No. 5 Wisconsin completes 12-0 season with 31-0 win over Minnesota

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Wisconsin completes a 12-0 regular season with a 31-0 road win at Minnesota.

ANNOUNCER 1: That might keep him on ice a little bit longer. And he'll be starting like that.

ANNOUNCER 2: Hornibrook looking for-- down field, caught at the 6-yard line to Taylor. First and goal, Badgers Play fake. Touchdown Badgers, Fumagalli


CHEERLEADER: Badgers! Here we go Wisconsin!

ANNOUNCER 1: --other than Auburn this year.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wisconsin running a big hole for Groshek. Still on his feet. Down to the 4, first and goal for Wisconsin. James, the deep back dotting the i. Hornibrook into the end zone, touchdown Badgers. Penniston.

ANNOUNCER 1: What a good throw.

ANNOUNCER 2: Backs lining up out of the I, Hornibrook looking to pass. Got hit as he let it go. Caught at the 11 by Pryor. What a play by Hornibrook. Took a hit here.

ANNOUNCER 1: How about on both ends, he stands in there takes this shot from Barber, but how about the adjustment from Pryor at the end, here. You talk about these young receivers growing up for Wisconsin, Pryor, Taylor, Davis. All of them, Q, are starting to make plays for this offense.

ANNOUNCER 2: Third down and 4.

ANNOUNCER 1: Heisman trophy winner.

ANNOUNCER 2: Him and Corey Clement out of Jersey. Pass, touchdown Davis. Danny Davis knows what time it is.


--series. Starting the 4th quarter, the Badgers with the ball, and that's Taylor on the loose. The turbo kicked in and got the Gophers.


That's how you start the fourth quarter. 53 yards for the score. As Paul Bunyan's axe will stay in Madison for the 14th consecutive year. And they couldn't wait to raise that skyward here in Minneapolis. Symbolically chopped down the Minnesota goal post here with Paul Bunyan's axe. As the Wisconsin Badgers improve to 12-0 for just the second time in program history.