No. 23 Northwestern pulls away from Illinois 42-7

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Northwestern beats Illinois 42-7 to win their 7th straight game to end the year.

- Third and 2. It's kept by Thomas. Thomas hits the hole. And this touchdown will count. 23 yards for the freshman, Cam Thomas.

- Cam Thomas is feeling it.

- And it's kept, and the pass to Dickerson. Dickerson to the end zone. Touchdown, Northwestern.

- I love this, the new school triple option, basically, right there. He pulls it. Thorson is the runner. Oh no, wait, we also have a passing option here to Dickerson, but there is a flag on the play.

- Roberts in motion. Fake to Roberts, a fake to Jackson, taking a shot down the field. And that is caught! Bennett Skowronski, Skowronek. And he is tackled down at the 5 yard line by Hobbs, a 52 yard completion.

- Skowronek here, does not get the separation from Hobbs that he needs. Hobbs does an amazing job undercutting the route.

- Now the jet sweep to Roberts. And Roberts dives in for the touchdown. Well, that was quick. On Third and 11, Thomas, sacked, fumbles. Recover Northwestern, touchdown! Samdup Miller, recovers and gets credit for the touchdown.

- Joe Gaziano with the pressure here. And he has the wherewithal, the awareness, to strip the ball. Once he gets to the quarterback, he's not just happy to get him down. Look at him Tomahawk chop, rip the ball out. And It looks like he got that ball before Cam Thomas's knee touched the ground.

- They give it to Jackson, and Jackson gets in. Those two runs equal 80 yards.

- He would have loved to have that first one count. - Third and goal. Robert's in motion. It's Larkin. Larkin, diving towards the end zone, touchdown! Forward progress, he got across the plane. A 4 yard touchdown run for Jeremy Larkin, and look who's right there cheering him on.