No. 19 Michigan State cruises past Rutgers 40-7

Brian Lewerke throws for 222 yards and touchdown in Michigan State's 40-7 win over Rutgers.

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- This is third and goal. Two seconds on the play clock. Lewerke, ball fake, he's gonna throw it. It's complete. Touchdown, Connor Heyward. We're

- Been penalized for 40 yards. Two first downs for Rutgers have come via penalty. Here's Lewis, flushed out of the pocket.

- That's complete! Wide open is Raheem Blackshear. And the Scarlet Knights are on the board.


You see why they're excited about their true freshman.

- Gerald Holmes, gets the pitch. Left side, powers his way to the end zone. And Michigan State, finally get themselves another touchdown.

- Yeah, you said, uh, finally, after four different trips down to the red zone.

- From the I, fakes it to Scott. Lewerke, he's gonna keep it, and score.


From the I, London, touchdown, Michigan State.


- Well, that was just, uh, too easy. You understood what was going on there.

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