No. 9 Ohio State erases Michigan 14-point lead to take its sixth straight Game

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After notching a rush touchdown and one in the air, J.T. Barrett left the game in the 3rd quarter with an injured knee, but backup QB Dwayne Haskins helped Urban Meyer's No. 9 Ohio State Buckeyes rally to defeat Jim Harbaugh's Michigan squad 31-20 in their 6th straight victory over the Wolverines.

ANNOUNCER 1: Many times how a coached is judged. And the judging has been kind of Urban Meyer, who is 5 and 0 versus that school up north. Different story though for Jim Harbaugh. As a player he was 2 and 0 as a starter against the Buckeyes. But as boss, he's 0 and 2. Chance to change that.

ANNOUNCER 2: Fullbacks in the backfield. They give it to Hill. Tries to push forward. Can he get in? No signal. Touchdown, Wolverines.


13 play drive covering 77 yards. Michigan eats up five minutes and 46 seconds.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, there wasn't a lot of room there, but it was just the second effort. They continued to push, and push, and then there's Khalid Hill.

ANNOUNCER 2: The 27 for a first down. Barrett steps up in the pocket, takes his time and is sacked. Chase Winovich gets to him. But credit the Michigan secondary with great coverage. Second sack of the first quarter for the Wolverines. Yards deep, will send it away.

Peoples-Jones back at midfield. And another flag. Peoples-Jones makes the first man miss. Gets down the sideline, cuts it inside. Still on the move. And finally, Peoples-Jones, wow! Peoples-Jones down at the 10. But there is a flag.

Barrett dancing. Barrett runs it. Barrett throws down. Barrett, touchdown Ohio State. 21 yards. JT Barrett is putting this offense on his shoulders. And the Buckeyes finally on the board.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well look at this right side. It's going to breakdown for JT Barrett. And he sees the open grass here, and he's going to take off to his right. He gets--

ANNOUNCER 2: Evans goes in motion. Here's Higdon with running room. Higdon still on the move. And Higdon breaks free, and picks up a big one when when Damon Webb finally knocks him out of the play. But it's a 36-yard run.

ANNOUNCER 1: A great block by the center, Patrick Kugler, number 57. And Higdon turned on the jets on the outside. Wants the center, he's going to come all the way around, pull all the way outside. And he's going to get the linebacker Tuf Borland.

He chops him down. Then it's a one on one with Higdon. Right here, boy did he stay in bounds? It looked like he did. But it was awfully close, and gained some extra yards because of it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, they say it's a 22 yard game instead of 36, because he stepped out of bounds. Michigan with a first down. Barrett to throw. Barrett, wide open, Baugh, touchdown Buckeyes. 25 yards. And just like that, Ohio State with an opportunity to level this game at 14.

ANNOUNCER 1: What happens here is you're going to get eyes caught in the backfield. You're going to get the safety way off the hash, and then Baugh just takes it right down the middle. He does a great job. And at this point right there, eyes in the backfield. He's beat. Barrett knows it.

ANNOUNCER 2: They give it to Higdon. Touchdown, Michigan.


ANNOUNCER 1: Well, you get a great block here from the left tackle, Mason Cole.

ANNOUNCER 2: Barrett steps up. Barrett scrambles Barrett runs it himself. And Barrett goes down about two yards short of the line to gain. Mike McCoy-- excuse me, Mike McCray, trips him up. That's a 10 yard gain. Not what Ohio State fans want to see. Barrett reaching down towards that right knee. His backup, Dwayne Haskins. Barrett in some pain.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's just-- that's not what you want to see.

ANNOUNCER 2: So an interesting twist to this game. The great Ohio State quarterback. 13 at the 47. Haskins delivers. And what a catch, and what a throw. Austin Mack somehow held on. But Haskins put that ball between two defenders. And Kinnel is down.

ANNOUNCER 1: Kinnel was the safety that came across with a big hit. I mean, just an incredible throw from Dwayne Haskins. This is a skill set, the coaching staff trusted him. Kinnel came across for the big hit.

REFEREE: Timeout, injured defensive player.

ANNOUNCER 1: Leading with the shoulder to the body. Boy. That was just an incredible throw, and an incredible impact with Mack and Kinnel. As Mack went to the turf and held on.

ANNOUNCER 2: Haskins, play fake. Haskins in trouble. Haskins decides to run. Haskins with a first down, and more. Look at the redshirt freshman come in and play ball. Laverne Hill knocks him out of the play. But it's a 21-yard gain.

ANNOUNCER 1: And there's been a few different times when the coverage has been so good down the field. But the defensive backs just unable to come off of their players.

ANNOUNCER 2: And with Dobbins in the backfield. Dobbins. Touchdown, Buckeyes. Just like that, a redshirt freshman comes in The Game and leads Ohio State into the end zone for 6.

High snap, handle, got it up. And he missed it. He hooked it. 2:47 to play, 24-20. Michigan turns back the Buckeyes, and they'll have the football.

At their own 27. Play fake, O'Korn throws deep. Intercepted by Ohio State. Jordan Fuller with the ball. And the Buckeyes are out of bounds at midfield. The first turnover of the game. But there is a flag at the 33 yard line.

Weber, and Weber picks up a first down. Weber racing to the end zone, touchdown Buckeyes. He's got to beat one guy. This is the explosion that Urban Meyer's been talking about with a healthy Mike Weber.

ANNOUNCER 1: And 0 against Jim Harbaugh. The Buckeyes winners of six in a row. 13 of the of the last 14 in the Michigan--

- Congratulations to all you guys. Undefeated against Michigan. How do you continue to have such success in this rivalry?

- I can't imagine many people respect it more than we do. We respect our opponent, we respect how hard they play. One way to show great respect, is practice your tail off and get ready for a tough game.

- I got to ask you about both your quarterbacks tonight. JT Barrett, he makes history. Four wins against Michigan. They you got Dwayne Haskins, comes in, what a performance from the freshman and his composure. What did you make of it?

- I thought it was elite. And I thought our tailback and offensive line, tailbacks and offensive lines really control the game to go in it. But Dwayne made some incredible plays down the stretch.

- Do you know about his status? JT's status for next week's big game?

- I do not. I do not.

- Well for all of you guys, enjoy this. Thanks, coach.

- Dwayne Haskins, JT Barrett, the stars of tonight's game. And in this rivalry, JT, I got to start with you. You make history tonight, four wins against Michigan. I know that it's not the way you wanted to end this thing. But how exciting is win number four against this team?

- I mean, it's all about winning. I think what happens at the end of the day, is that the guys put in the work. I mean, we worked for this game year round. So it's not like it was this week, getting ready for the team up course. So with that, the guys, we went to work. We've been doing it for a long time.

And I was grateful for the seniors. I mean that's five wins for the fifth year seniors. And then for the other guys have-- just four your guys, that's four gold pants, haven't lost. So, special moment.

- And how about you, Dwayne? You come in, down by six. It's not easy to follow this guy. But you do it. You showed so much composure. And there's a video of you when you're little saying I want to play at Ohio State. Did the dream come true tonight for you?

- It is so surreal, I don't know what to say. It's a credit to this man right here. Ever since I came here as a freshman, he's been on me. And talking about being a leader. And I the opportunity, god forbid he got hurt. I used the most of it. It's just really a dream come true.

- All right, and JT, I know for you guys, the goals for this team, Big 10 championship. You want to get to the playoff. But I got to ask about your status. Is the knee OK? How are you feeling?

- Yeah, me knee is all right. I mean, it's been happening quite a bit. A little jerk and jerked out. Just got to get it back in. It's a little swollen right now. So it will be all right with treatment and some things. It will be good.

- All right, well thank you guys so much. And we will see you next weekend at the championship game. Thanks so much.