UCLA defeats Cal 30-27 with Rosen sidelined for the 2nd half

Josh Rosen leaves the game in the 3rd quarter with an injury but UCLA prevails over Cal 30-27 to become bowl eligible.

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- From Clovis, California. Olorunfunmi, me the ball may have come out at the end. And let's see-- looked like Kunaszyk with the recovery for Cal. They have made a habit--

Impressive drive for Rosen and UCLA. For the end zone, touchdown, Theo Howard!



Josh Rosen just flipped it out there.

ANNOUNCER 2: One of the things that's so impressive about Josh Rosen, this is a big-time throw. These are kind of the nonverbal communication things that go on between a quarterback and a receiver. It's the back-- it's a back-shoulder fade ball to Theo Howard based on the position of that corner as he runs that go route. He doesn't have the corner beat. So he throws it low and away behind him in a place where only Theo Howard can catch it.

--at times they are. It comes in the form of--

- Rosen is going to get--

- Funches gets through again.

- --pressured, and get rid of it by Alan-- Alex Funches. And thrown to The turf at the 40, Rosen slow to get up.

He's got 3 out of 4 today, but they're running it. And Patrick Laird, he has a first down inside the 2 of UCLA.

- Patient enough to push it outside.

- Quick snap. Touchdown, Cal! Ross Bowers keeps, and takes it into the end zone.

Going for the 2-point conversion to tie the game. Bowers to Patrick Laird. He does everything.

Second down, 10. Modster. Down the sideline a catch is made around the 30. It's Jordan Lasley again.


An impressive drive for the redshirt freshman. Stevens, and he is in for a UCLA touchdown.


Bowers for the end zone. Touchdown, Cal! Jordan Veasy!



That contact went through the years to try and keep this Bruins team together. A key down. They get the first down, up the sideline, and who else? Jordan Lasley, over 200 receiving yards.

JJ Molson. The kick is through for UCLA!


30 to 27, Bruins, with four seconds left.


So the kicker was clutch. The coach was calm. And the quarterback was cool, even the one watching.

Bowers completes, ball in the air. Game over. UCLA, an undefeated season at home. And Jedd Fisch takes over for Jim Mora, defeats Wilcox and Cal, and his UCLA bowl eligible.

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