FOX College Football analysts make their playoff predictions after Week 12

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Dave Wannstedt, Petros Papadakis, Matt Leinart, Danny Kanell, Robert Smith and Bruce Feldman share their College Football Playoff predictions with Rob Stone.

- Let's go through everybody's final four and who the winner is. Coach.

- My final four, Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. I like Alabama, real quick, because I think they're the best team in the SEC. I like Clemson because Mark Richt is doing a fabulous job, but I think Miami is overachieving. I like Wisconsin because I think they're destined to get there. Oklahoma is my champ. So I agree with Joel.

- Two votes. Petros.

All All right, make it three. I got Bama, I got Miami, I got Oklahoma, and Wisco. And Oklahoma, with the back by committee, receivers by committee, with that dynamic quarterback, and the fun defense that runs around while Mike Stoops holds onto the table, they're going to win it this year, Oklahoma.

- Matty.

- I got Bama, Oklahoma, Clemson, Ohio State, gets in, the first two-loss team we see in the college football playoff and I've got Oklahoma as well.

- Boomer!

- Wow.

- They're going to have the next Heisman Trophy winner and we know what dynamic quarterbacks have done in the college football playoff. And I think, to Coach's point earlier, the defense has stepped up.

- All right, who's ready for some--

- I know you're going to mix it up--

- Who's ready for some re-matches in this one?

- I am, Danny.

- I got Oklahoma playing Ohio State in the first round rematch. Baker Mayfield planting the flag--

- That one vs. four?

- One vs. four. Two versus three is Clemson versus Auburn, rematch from the early part of the season. Remember that one? Ugly game, 14-6. Auburn is going to win the national championship. Complete team, one game-- I think they play Oklahoma in the championship game, but they can keep the ball all the way from Baker Mayfield, which is how they get it done. And their defenses is legit.

- He's such an SEC homer.

- Robert.

- No one can please Bruce.

- I hate that I'm sitting next to him right now and I'm going right after him, because I have Oklahoma in there as well, with Clemson, Auburn, and Ohio State. And I have the same national champion in Auburn. I think Auburn wins, of course, in the Iron Bowl. I believe--

- War eagle, Coach.

- --this Auburn team has things figured out from that first loss from Clemson. That's going to be the difference in this one. Jarrett Stidham in that offense, Gus Malzahn has needed that great dual threat. And that defensive line is lights out.

- Look at Danny over here, acting like he's your best friend. Yeah, Robert! He's spreading the gospel, man. All right, Bruce.

- Passing notes back and forth like high school.

- I actually have the exact same four Matt has. I have Oklahoma, Alabama, Ohio State, --I think they're going to roll in there-- and I have Clemson. I'm going with Oklahoma, same reason why. Last year at this thing, I picked Clemson because Deshaun Watson was the best player, puts the program on his back. And I think that's what Baker Mayfield is going to do. I don't care-- I don't think their defense is that great or much that improved.

- I agree.

- I think he's just going to find a way to da under the national title. I just think he's just in complete control and they have total confidence in him.

- Stoner, who you got?

- I had one vs. four, Bama, Wisconsin. I believe in the Badgers. I had Oklahoma, Clemson. I believe in the Sooners. So I go with Oklahoma as well. To me though, the really interesting thing, defending national champ, and everybody's perennial favorite to win it all zilch.

- Well, the good news for Hurts is that he runs like a running back. The bad news is he throws like a running back.

- That's why you got to go with Baker.

- Yeah, but they won a national championship with Jake Coker, and he's probably a better quarterback than Coker.

- Just as we think but he had this thing all figured out, you guys are still debating. Still moaning, still fighting.

- That's why we love this sport.

- That's why we play the game.

- Brando, where are you?