No. 10 Penn State rolls to 56-44 win over Nebraska

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Barkley runs for 158 yards and 3 TDs in Penn State's 56-44 win over Nebraska.

ANNOUNCER 1: --with Saquon Barkley. They'll give it to Barkley this time, and Barkley, he breaks one. Down the sideline. There goes Barkley. Saquon Barkley to the hash-- touchdown, 65 yards.


FANS: We are Penn State!

--number 46, Boe Wilson, who's usually 56, has checked in. They're in motion. The handoff, to the end zone. Touchdown Devine Ozigbo.


Nebraska takes advantage of the shanked punt, and they take the lead here in Happy Valley.

And you mentioned at the beginning for Nebraska, they need to tackle. Missed tackles there against Juwan Johnson allowed for that big play. Saquon Barkley-- breaking it outside. Barkley to the end zone-- they're conferring. Waiting for it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, the students are telling them.

ANNOUNCER 1: Touchdown!


11-yard touchdown run for Saquon Barkley.



And that just tied Lydell Mitchell for the most rushing touchdowns in a career.

Second down and 2, Tommy Stevens, the backup quarterback, is in as a tailback with Saquon Barkley. Run the option. It's kept by McSorley. Into the end zone for the touchdown.



Tenth rushing touchdown of the year for Trace McSorley. Takes it in from 9.

It's 25 straight games with a catch for Gesicki. McSorley with time. To the end zone, goes up top to Gesicki. Touchdown!



Why not?


Sixth touchdown of the year for Mike Gesicki, the senior out of New Jersey.

ANNOUNCER 2: We joked about this with Joe Moorhead, the offensive coordinator, yesterday and Trace McSorley. He gets through his progression. This is him. And watch Trace McSorley. He works through one receiver, two receivers, three receivers, and his quote, unquote check down is the greatest tight end in passing, at least--

ANNOUNCER 1: Third and one coming up.


They give it to Barkley, and Barkley gets into the end zone again.


Third time today. This time from 8 yards.


That's why it's 35 to 10 right now. McSorley over the middle. Touchdown, DeAndre Thompkins, 15 yards. Oh, Gary, the rout is on here in Happy Valley.

McSorley to the end zone-- touchdown! Mike Gesicki, second touchdown of the game, 17 yards.


That'll do it. 56 to 44. It was a much bigger win for Penn State than the score might indicate.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, I think a big record-setting night for James Franklin and a bunch of guys, seeing 23 seniors and a great junior who's not going to play another game at Beaver Stadium in Saquon Barkley. A great redeem game for him and his chances in New York.