Kansas State upsets No. 13 Oklahoma State, 45-40

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Byron Pringle scored 4 touchdowns as Kansas State upsets Oklahoma State 45-40

ANNOUNCER: Downfield caught by Pringle, touchdown Kansas State.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, I've got to admire their fans, man. They are very energetic and enthusiastic.

ANNOUNCER: Pringle from the 11, across the 30. Pringle slips a tackle. Could he go? Byron Pringle with a house call!


ANNOUNCER: Thompson downfield, Pringle, open, there he goes. Four scores for Byron Pringle.


ANNOUNCER: Rudolph to throw, end zone, and that is a touchdown for the Cowboys. James Washington, his second touchdown grab. --last year. Rudolph to the end zone. And the Cowboys still have a pulse. Stoner, touchdown!

ANNOUNCER: What a turn of events! Oh, my goodness. Because they'll get some support from their safeties.

ANNOUNCER: On fourth down, Rudolph, too high for Ateman. No flag on the play, and K State with a stand.