No. 7 Miami forces 4 turnovers in 41-8 win over No. 3 Notre Dame

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The Hurricanes forced 4 turnovers in their 41-8 rout of Notre Dame.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rosier, again lobbing. Far side of the end zone, Berrios. Touchdown, Miami. And the Canes strike first. Canes only rush three. Throw high, there's the pick. Jaquan Johnson will be the first wearer of the Turnover Chain tonight.

His third interception this season. The brainchild of Manny Diaz makes its first appearance, and the leader of this defense will be first to wear it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Attacks his right [INAUDIBLE] an aggressive approach by Mark Richt in the play so far. Rosier again darts up the middle, slips out of a tackle. Stutter steps, scores.


Adams is back in the game. Book delivers a dart-- intercepted. Look out. Trajan Bandy, the true freshman. Break out the chain again.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's got it. Going to get the edge. Cuts back, dives to the pylon. Touchdown. The Canes build the lead. High fives from Ed Reed, and a miserable night for Notre Dame in South Florida, just getting worse by the minute.