Mason Rudolph and the No. 15 Oklahoma State Cowboys outlast the No. 21 Iowa State Cyclones 49-42

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Led by Mason Rudolph's 3 passing TD's and Justice Hill's 3 TD's on the ground, the No. 15 Oklahoma State Cowboys survive the No. 21 Iowa State Cyclones 49-42.

MIKE PATRICK: They've got you've got the tiebreaker over Oklahoma and TCU-- pass to the end zone-- touchdown! It looked like Trey Flowers, the safety, turned his back, lost track of the ball, and the guy he was covering. And Allen Lazard was right there for his seventh touchdown catch.

Montgomery, nowhere to go. Then cuts it back outside. What a move by Montgomery! Inside the 15, 10, 5, touchdown! Are you kidding! [INAUDIBLE]

--7. Oklahoma State trying to cut into this deficit. Rudolph has time, double pumps, throws for the end zone. Ateman, touchdown! 6' 4", 220, and he goes up to get it. Beat D'Andre Payne in the back of the end zone.

TOMMY TUBERVILLE: That was all Mason Rudolph.

MIKE PATRICK: Hill goes in motion, Rudolph with time. Plenty of time. Throws deep. and caught for a touchdown, Marcell Ateman. Double covered. Rudolph threw it up for grabs. And Ateman at 6-4, 220, just outfought everybody else.

TOMMY TUBERVILLE: Well, who would have thought--

REFEREE: Receiver was forced out of bounds and re-established inbounds. The ruling on the field is touchdown.

TOMMY TUBERVILLE: Wow. That was an unbelievable throw. Really a gamble by Mason Rudolph. He just-- Ateman just outjumps the defender.

MIKE PATRICK: --300-yard game in the last 11. Swing pass. And that is a touchdown to Dillon Stoner. That was too easy.

TOMMY TUBERVILLE: Way too easy. Kind of over-pursued.

MIKE PATRICK: The good news, Tommy, for Iowa State--