J.T. Barrett and the No. 13 Ohio State Buckeyes destroy the No. 12 Michigan State Spartans 48-3

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Led by J.T. Barrett's and Mike Weber's two touchdowns apiece, the No. 13 Ohio State Buckeyes destroy the No. 12 Michigan State Spartans 48-3.

JOE DAVIS: And hand it to him with a seam. There goes Mike Weber. He will take it. Touchdown, Buckeyes from 47.


Barrett keeps for an Ohio State touchdown. And the Buckeyes off to a good start in this one.


BRADY QUINN: --downs.

JOE DAVIS: JT Barrett is in. Touchdown, Ohio State. Throwback Buckeye football, pounding away on Michigan State.


BRADY QUINN: --which stresses the defense.

They know.

JOE DAVIS: They swing Dobbins out, give it in his hands. Blocks in front. JK Dobbins for the touchdown. Ohio State routing Michigan State.


BRADY QUINN: Look at the blocking downfield. We talked about Paris Campbell being out a week ago, something that's underrated and missed, his ability to block downfield.

JOE DAVIS: Mike Weber's the man in there on first down. And he's a got it with a gaping hole. And Mike Weber turns on the afterburners. He's gonna take this one. Touchdown, Ohio State. What a performance. Domination on the ground for the Buckeyes.


BRADY QUINN: It's a numbers game. Clearly, you can see--

JOE DAVIS: Fake to Dobbins. Barrett steps into a throw, down the sideline. It is caught by Ben Victor for the Ohio State touchdown. 48 yards getting it done through the air to open the second half.


BRADY QUINN: One on one on the outside. And Victor was able to just get a step on Justin Layne, who we saw earlier on a pass interference. Buckeyes got everything working right now, up 41 to 3.

- JT, what's been the past couple of weeks like, from that dominant showing in the comeback against Penn State, last week, and now all of a sudden, you guys blow these guys out today?

- I mean, I think one of the main things is stay who we are, and then get back to our fundamentals and our culture at Ohio State, which is 4 to 6, A to B, play with excellence, a part of the unit, have those things. So get back to those things.

- Nobody has been able to run the ball against these guys the way you did today. Why were you guys able to get the run game cranked up like this?

- I think our coaches had a great plan for us to get guys in tough pass and run conflicts. And then, we just did our job and executed. So hats off to the o-linemen up front.

INTERVIEWER: All right, thanks, JT.

- Thank you.