Iowa shuts down Minnesota 17-10 to keep the Floyd of Rosedale trophy

Iowa beats Minnesota 17-10 in Iowa City to keep the Floyd of Rosedale trophy.

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- Off the left side this time. Slips a tackle and gets in for the Iowa touchdown. Just like that. From the 45. Play action, Stanley sets, eyes downfield, Noah Fant gets behind the defense. Touchdown, Iowa. Perfectly thrown, 45 yards from Stanley.

McCrary hurdles his way. He's in for the Minnesota touchdown. They finally break through in the opening stages of this fourth quarter, and it's a 14-6 game.

- In the same way a longtime Payton Frye to Kirk Ferentz.

- Croft throwing the corner route. There's Tyler Johnson making a move, into the open field. Johnson in a good race is inside the 20. Biggest play of the day for the Minnesota offense. Croft in trouble, and he's sacked. Anthony Nelson got him to seal the deal for the Hawkeyes.

- How about the job of this Iowa defensive front? The Minnesota team that must protect their quarterbacks all year long.

- Third straight win in the series for Kirk Ferentz and the Hawkeyes. They hang on to the Floyd of Rosedale trophy for at least one more year. Come over and protect it. There's no year field storm in this case, with the team already owns it. But at least in front of this crowd of close to 70,000. Final score, Iowa 17, Minnesota 10.

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