Northwestern hangs on to upset No.16 Michigan State 39-31 in 3OT

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Northwestern's interception in 3OT seals the upset victory over Michigan State.

AHMAD BROOKS: --defensive players on the defensive line and make picking up a big first down.

ANISH SHROFF: Jackson's gonna throw. End zone. Touchdown Skowronek. Halloween weekend Pat Fitzgerald, into the bag of candy, look what he pulls out.

AHMAD BROOKS: You're absolutely right. I have not seen this play while studying film, but what a great way to take advantage of a team that has fully focused on number 21.

Lewerke doing his thing.

ANISH SHROFF: Clock starts on the official signal, Lewerke for Davis, end zone. Davis with the touchdown catch. They will look at this one.

- After review, the ruling on the field stands. Touchdown.

ANISH SHROFF: Thorson has Nagel. Flynn Nagel stumbling into the end zone.

Lewerke has it knocked away, recovers it. He's still gonna try to throw, into traffic. It's intercepted by Northwestern, the game is over, the Wildcats prevail.

AHMAD BROOKS: What a Big 10 thriller.