KSU’s D.J. Reed works the stutter step and scampers 99 yards for the kickoff return touchdown

KSU's D.J. Reed works the stutter step and scampers 99-yards for the kickoff return touchdown.

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- No doubt about it. Much needed poise at the position. Byron Pringle and DJ Reed back deep. It's Reed from his two. Nice little stutter step. Look at him go. Boy, he lulled them to sleep. DJ all the way. A TD. 97 yards. Oh, the stagger step. You don't see that often. You'd like to call it the lazy leg. He lulled them to sleep, then hit a gear and let it go.

- Tim, I hope we can get another shot of this, because it's about read them and weep. Right? That step, he knows everybody is coming down here in the funnel. He waits for everybody to converge. And then he turns on the speed.

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