D.J. Reed and the Kansas State Wildcats shut down Carter Stanley and the Kansas Jayhawks

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Despite Carter Stanley's 418 passing yards, D.J. Reed, Alex Barnes and the Kansas State Wildcats shut down Carter Stanley and the Kansas Jayhawks 30-20.

TIM BRANDO: No doubt about it. Much needed poise at the position. Byron Pringle and DJ Reed back deep. It's Reed from his 2. Nice little stutter step. Look at him go. Boy, he lulled them to sleep. DJ all the way. A TD, 97 yards.

Oh, the stagger step. You don't see that often. You'd like to call it the lazy leg. He lulled them to sleep, then hit a gear and let it go.

SPENCER TILLMAN: Tim, I hope we can get another shot of this, because it's about read them and weep. Right? That step, he knows everybody is coming down here in the funnel. He waits for everybody to converge. And then he turns on the speed.

TIM BRANDO: Out of the gun. Back to Barnes, touchdown. We've got a little bit of a scrum afterwards. Right at the line of scrimmage, extracurricular activity taking place. See if cooler heads can prevail. Carlos Alvarez is trying to do his best to separate them.

19-yard gain, so it's third and 1. My mistake. Here's Taylor Martin, it's a touchdown. 200 game minutes. Very nearly 200 game minutes before Kansas--

This will be a solo, and he'll go almost untouched. Touchdown. Leaning in, 9 yards. And add them up for Alex Barnes. Just no answer for Kansas. He's down, I think he may have taken it on the knee and around the shin area, so he's slow to get up. Winston Dimel, 38, with two magnificent plays blocking right here for Barnes.

SPENCER TILLMAN: Well, 38 will come back around this way. You can see this is by design. He does a nice job.

TIM BRANDO: Field goal try will come for McCrane again. And he's been outstanding all year long. Look at that. 15 of 19 now. I'd say the special teams for Kansas State.

--and Bruce Feldman have the call. Gentlemen, take it away.