Heisman hopeful J.T. Barrett leads No. 6 Ohio State to a comeback victory over No. 2 Penn State

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Led by Heisman hopeful J.T. Barrett who threw for 328 yards and notched 4 touchdowns, Urban Meyer's No. 6 Ohio State Buckeyes defeat Saquon Barkley and the No. 2 Penn State Nittany Lions 39-38.

GUS JOHNSON: Nuernberger will send it away. Ohio State-Penn State, and we're underway from Columbus. Barkley from inside his own 5. Barkley with a lane. Barkley with a burst! Barkley down the sideline! Saquon Barkley runs the opening kick 97 yards! Touchdown, Nittany Lions! No flags. Special teams has been a problem for Urban Meyer dating back to last year and all this season.


JOEL: And one of the biggest issues on special teams has been this kickoff unit. Urban Meyer got to be sick to his stomach.

GUS JOHNSON: McSorley lobs it in the corner. Touchdown, Nittany Lions! DaeSean Hamilton!


PA ANNOUNCER: A 13-yard touchdown pass from Trace McSorley to DaeSean Hamilton.

GUS JOHNSON: And Penn State, with 11:36 to play in the first quarter, goes up 13-0.

JOEL: And Ohio State even tried to create the matchup. Damon Arnette--

GUS JOHNSON: Barkley. Barkley breaks it up. Barkley's going to get a block. McSorley in front of him. Touchdown, Nittany Lions. 36 yards.


JOEL: They're going to be slanting the defense. And as this player comes, the defensive end, watch Gesicki--

GUS JOHNSON: Barrett to throw it. Barrett in the end zone. Touchdown, Buckeyes! McLaurin.


Terry McLaurin.

JOEL: I thought the route was really made by Baugh. He's going to go up, and then McLaurin is going to actually come to the inside. And as McLaurin comes to the inside, the defense clears out. Barrett gives him a perfect ball right on the facemask.

GUS JOHNSON: Barkley in the backfield. McSorley follows him, gets outside. Touchdown, Nittany Lions!


And Penn State takes a 27 to 10 lead with 8:06 to play in the second quarter.

JOEL: Well, McSorley gets the edge. And the athletic quarterback dives for the pylon, able to get it just inside.

GUS JOHNSON: They give it to him. Touchdown, Ohio State.



McSorley fires a deep ball down the field. Intercepted, Ohio State!


Denzel Ward! Hurt my feelings!

REFEREE: Ruling on the field is interception and a touchback. First down.


JOEL: What a play, and the battle in the back of the end zone with DeAndre Thompkins. Thompkins is pushing off there. The ball looks like it's in Thompkins' hands.

GUS JOHNSON: Barrett over the middle. Caught! Sprinting into the end zone, Johnnie D! Touchdown, Buckeyes!


Barrett delivers. Corner throw, touchdown, Buckeyes! Johnnie Dixon again!


38-33. And it looks like Ohio State's going for two.

JOEL: It's just an incredible pass from Barrett. The third or fourth on this series that we've seen him fin--

GUS JOHNSON: Barrett looks, fires. Touchdown, Buckeyes! Marcus Baugh!


JT Barrett!



Led by their spectacular quarterback, JT Barrett, the final score from Columbus, 39-38.

[INAUDIBLE] minutes remaining on the clock. They played clean, Joel.

JOEL: They did. They had to, and they did. Their defense was spectacular.

- I'll let you enjoy this in a sec, but you completed 16 passes in a row, three touchdown in the fourth quarter. You put this team on your back. How did you do it?

- No, I mean, I just did my job. That's what they talked about all year, and even since I been here, everybody do their job, we're going to be winners. So I just did my job, and just try to play my best for the team.

- There was emotion on the sideline. I saw some tears from some of your teammates. Tell me about the fight you saw from your guys tonight.

- Yeah, I mean, it didn't look good early. I mean, let's be honest. So with that, you just kept on fighting. And then, it took everybody's last ounce to get this win. And I love those guys in that locker room.

- Does it get any better than this?

JT BARRETT: Say again.

INTERVIEWER: Does it get any better than this moment?

- Hey, this Buckeye nation at its finest. Big 10 football, Buckeyes win, 39-38. Go, Bucks.

INTERVIEWER: All right, enjoy.

JT BARRETT: Thank you.

INTERVIEWER: All right. Guys.

GUS JOHNSON: Penn State led by 18 points twice in this game. Ohio State led once at the end.


39-38 the final. Rob Stone and the guys will be live From the Shoe with more postgame coverage right after this.