No. 5 Wisconsin scores a Big Guy touchdown with some misdirection as the Badgers cruise past Illinois

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Capped off by Michael Deiter's 4-yard TD run, the No. 5 Wisconsin Badgers cruise by Illinois 24-10.

- Fullback, touchdown. Alec Ingold. That had to surprise them.

- They have been pounded like everyone else this year. And Groshek, touchdown Wisconsin.

- Just a simple isolation play. He rolls over the top.

- Line drive is good. He has eight out of 10 for the year, and matches-- well, that is a career long. 52. Third and goal. Hornibrook, it's a throw back screen. Blockers in front. Touchdown. And it is Michael Deiter, the left tackle. Something he will always remember. How about that.

- They have been working on that play, I promise you, since he's been at Wisconsin. And it worked out perfect. It was set up. They didn't really even have to block anybody. It's just like a throwback screen. They caught them in man coverage, is what happened. They didn't cover him.