No. 23 West Virginia holds off Baylor 38-36

Baylor's comeback attempt falls short as West Virginia hangs on to win 38-36 in Waco.

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ANNOUNCER 1: From the Bear 35. Grier looking left, for Sills, throws it up. Sills, touchdown! West Virginia, number 13 on the season. for the man who leads the country in touchdown catches.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's just what I was talking about. Harrison Hand, number 31, the corner, a freshman corner is lined up on the leading touchdown reception maker in the nation. Look at the coverage. The coverage is there. He's got a right arm up against his body, in a good position. But you have to make a play on the football, and get that ball out. They will throw it up all day long.

ANNOUNCER 1: 7 seconds until the half. Grier, he's got Sills. Touchdown!

PA ANNOUNCER: Will Grier's pass complete to David Sills.

ANNOUNCER 1: David Sills, all he does is catches touchdowns, second on the night.

[INAUDIBLE] the kicker had to make the touchdown-saving catch-- or tackle. Here's the fake to Justin Crawford-- here comes Sills again. David Sills has scored another touchdown, his third of the night.

Up top again, that's complete. Simms to the house. Touchdown, West Virginia.

PA ANNOUNCER: Pass complete to Marcus Simms.

ANNOUNCER 1: Marcus Simms, 41 yards. Touchdown, West Virginia.

Pro set, Brewer. Wide open, Ebner down the sideline, to the 5. Touchdown, Baylor!

PA ANNOUNCER: Cory Brewer's pass complete to Trestan Ebner for the Baylor touchdown!

ANNOUNCER 2: --reasons why they like Charlie Brewer right now.

ANNOUNCER 1: This is Ebner, up the middle. Ebner's loose! He's got another touchdown! Sic 'em, Bears. He goes 40 yards.


ANNOUNCER 2: And West Virginia's defense is just shell shocked right now. Little confusion on defense. Look, everybody looking off to the sidelines, trying to get the defensive call. They're not set. They're not ready. Blake Blackmar, the right guard, just kind of comes down on a double team up to the linebacker. And that's way too easy.

--stepping into those, and breaking up passes.

ANNOUNCER 1: Snap dropped. Brewer picks it up. He's gonna throw. Touchdown! Trestan Ebner, his third of the quarter! And Baylor within two of tying the football game.


For two. Brewer rolling, under pressure. And he's sacked! And Xavier Preston, the linebacker that gave Baylor the opportunity at the 2-yard line with the passer interference call in the end zone, comes up huge.

ANNOUNCER 2: Best formation in football, as West Virginia is going to take a knee and escape a huge rally from Baylor on the road, coming in to Waco and getting a conference win.

ANNOUNCER 1: Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia gets their first victory in Waco.

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