No.4 TCU annihilates Kansas 43-0

Kenny Hill's 278 passing yards and 5 touchdowns help TCU rout Kansas 43-0

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ANNOUNCER: Hicks remains the setback. A little bit of room. This is where he's dangerous. Hill rifles it and it's caught.

ANNOUNCER: Here you go, baby.

ANNOUNCER: Hicks, touchdown.


ANNOUNCER: Here's Desmon White.


ANNOUNCER: He's now flanked to the top of your screen. Hill fires for the corner-- touchdown!

ANNOUNCER: Oh, was that a beautiful throw.

ANNOUNCER: Jalen Reagor.


ANNOUNCER: To maintain contact with TCU. Hill stepping up this time. Lets it fly and it's caught. That's Diarse. Big John Diarse, touchdown.


ANNOUNCER: Well, Diarse is coming here. And Lee is working on the back end of this from the safety position. Bad angle, number one, Coach. And he probably should have took a higher pitch. Again, just a tremendous job of protection, first of all, across the board.

Look at it, there's no place where you see a breach upfront. The protection, it's just perfect. And again, Lee, from that safety position, tried to come over. Again, two things-- poor angle, should have come more of pitched angle over the top, at least would have had a shot to knock it out of his hands and, perhaps, if he had recognized it, maybe could have picked that ball off.

ANNOUNCER: That's exactly right.

ANNOUNCER: 19 yards on that pickup. Quick wide receiver screen right there.

ANNOUNCER: He's gonna score.

ANNOUNCER: Reagor, touchdown!


ANNOUNCER: There he is, Anderson in the backfield. Out of the gun, again, Hill lofting it for the corner! Back shoulder!

ANNOUNCER: I think so.

ANNOUNCER: Raise 'em up, touchdown--

ANNOUNCER: Raise 'em up, babe. Raise 'em up.

ANNOUNCER: --Taj Williams.


ANNOUNCER: Raise 'em up.

INTERCOM: 26 yards--

ANNOUNCER: Most punts in a game for Kansas's 15 back in 1972 against Nebraska. Cole Moos has eight of them tonight. And here's Turpin from his 10 and takes an angle backward, but look out. This jitterbug can go.


Yeah, I think I would have gone for it because you just punted and Turpin did. It's a touchdown. It's 90 yards.


ANNOUNCER: Well, when guys are trying to cover down here, it's often times that the more you can stay still, everybody is like a funnel converging down to one spot. And then he comes back the opposite direction this way. Everybody's closed in kind of like a funnel, Coach. And you know there's a huge void back the opposite direction. First of all, not very many people have the athleticism and then, ultimately, the endurance to finish off a run like that. But Turpin does.

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