Saquon Barkley’s 3 TDs help No. 2 Penn State cruise past Michigan, 42-13

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Saquon Barkley totals 161 yards and 3 touchdowns as Penn State beats Michigan 42-13.

ANNOUNCER 1: Barkley off and running! Saqon Barkley! Say bye, bye! Touchdown Penn State! [INAUDIBLE]


69 yards on a wrinkle as Barkley took the direct snap and raced to the end zone. He does not lose foot races.

Barkley, again, motioning back in. It's an option look. They pitch it to him-- blocked on the edge. Saqon Barkley turns the corner and scores again!


Higdon tries for the edge and does score. Michigan-- a fourth down touchdown to cut the lead in half.

ANNOUNCER 2: Gutsy call here by Jim Harbaugh and Tim Drevno.

ANNOUNCER 1: Isaac picks his way into the end zone! And Michigan right back in it. within two in the final two minutes of the half.

ANNOUNCER 2: Right guard Onwenu leads away. From the right, he comes around-- an old fashioned Jim Harbaugh power play.

ANNOUNCER 1: Empty backfield. Now, here comes Barkley. They fake it to him. McSorley-- keeper scores!


And Gesicki just faulted up and over his quarterback, who races in to give Penn State a seven-point lead.

--a guy that really didn't. HE'S waited a long time to make an impact as a senior in this football team. McSorley-- down field. Oh! Saquon-- touchdown on the juggle!


Barkley's third touchdown tonight was almost his second big drop of the night. He made it look difficult.


ANNOUNCER 2: This might be a quick one.

ANNOUNCER 1: McSorley appears for three touchdowns. Saqon Barkley runs for two and catches a pass-- strengthens his Heisman case.