No. 18 Michigan State comes from behind to beat Indiana 17-9

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Michigan State overcomes a late deficit to beat Indiana 17-9 in Big 10 play.

- The redshirt freshman quarterback, Peyton Ramsey, from the end zone, down the sideline into coverage. And a jump-ball catch by Simmie Cobbs, who just out-muscled the defender, and gets out near the 30-yard line.

- It's a great catch by Simmie Cobbs. I know a lot of people will say, that's an offensive pass interference. You didn't see his arm extend, so it's difficult for the official to call.

- London again the tailback. And they will give it London. The blitz came. The ball's on the ground, and recovered by Indiana. The fumbles have been a huge problem for Michigan State. And another one here. Now the field position is flipped. The Hoosiers get it inside the red zone.

- Oh, and you can see, coming off the edge, looked like Tony Fields, the husky position.

- He stripped it. And I think it was Jonathan Crawford who pounced on it.

- You're exactly right. He just got that right arm right on the football.

- --earlier in the game. Good snap and hold. The kick is up, and it is good. Right down the middle for Griffin Oakes, who won the game against the Spartans in overtime last year with a field goal. He puts Indiana ahead this year on the road.

--Scott alongside Brian Lewerke. Second and 7. They are going to pass. Lewerke toward the end zone, caught!


Touchdown, Felton Davis!


First time the Spartans have gotten into the end zone all day.

- From the sophomore quarterback.

- [INTERPOSING VOICES] the Spartans are not going to be throwing the ball. LJ Scott on the ground, blockers in front. Scott bounces it. Touchdown!



Maybe Indiana wanted that to happen.

- Yeah. They get it, guys. Just standing right next to Tom Allen down here, his entire staff told everybody, stand there, don't do anything. Let them score. It's going to be their only way to get the ball back.

- 9 yards to keep their chances alive. Ramsey will get hit. The ball floats up, and falls down incomplete. And that's going to do it.