Malik Rosier and the No. 8 Miami Hurricanes stave off the Syracuse Orange to win 27-19

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Malik Rosier threw for 344 yards and notched two touchdowns, lifting the No. 8 Miami Hurricanes over the Syracuse Orange 27-19.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rosier over the middle, into the endzone goes Herndon. He's been the workhorse so far. And he's got a Miami touchdown. [CHEERING]

ANNOUNCER 2: We're talking I discipline on this drive. We saw it with the safety on the big play. And that time it was the senior middle linebacker. Here comes the blitz. Rosier-- wide open up the seam-- he's got the freshman, Jeff Thomas. Into the endzone, that's a Canes touchdown. [BAND PLAYING]

ANNOUNCER 2: The number one recruit in this class can flat-out fly. and you were just wondering when was going to be the opportunity. And it was right there. It was right at the beginning. Look at the first step. Look at the release. Look at the acceleration as he runs right by Syracuse. This kid is unique. We saw it on tape yesterday. You watched it in warm ups .

ANNOUNCER 1: Out on the edge, Moe Neal walks into the endzone. Syracuse responds. That's an Orange touchdown. Back to the ground, there goes Travis Homer, touchdown.


ANNOUNCER 1: It's a 7 point lead. Even after the point-after, it would only be a one-possession game and there's still a lot of time on the clock.