The ASU Sun Devils dismantle the Utah Utes, 30-10

Led by Manny Wilkins' 140 yards in the air and 1 rushing touchdown, the ASU Sun Devils dismantle the Utah Utes 30-10.

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ANNOUNCER: Richard. This time, he'll walk into the end zone. Touchdown Arizona State. Fourth straight game with a touchdown for Demario Richard.

ANNOUNCER: Pretty good scheme offensively for Arizona State. They had an edge to this side on the previous play.

ANNOUNCER: Wilkins trying to run for it. [INAUDIBLE] Touchdown. Manny Wilkins with his third rush and touchdown of the season.

ANNOUNCER: And he wanted Cosgrove at the flag. Utah had it covered, and they would rally under the football, but Manny Wilkins is a shifty guy.

Picked off, the other way! Touchdown! Jay Jay Wilson, 18 yards. Fourth interception of the game. It's been that kind of day for Tyler Huntley.

ANNOUNCER: Again, just a drop 8 third down type, two-minute-type coverage, and he flew it right to Wilson, exactly how they foiled Jake Browning.

- Thanks, Rob. Coach, you told me before the game, you guys needed to control the turnover battle. You did just that. Four turnovers for your defense. How impressive was that effort.

- We're really proud of our defense. Proud of our whole team, team effort, did a great job controlling the ball on offense. Had a couple of-- turned the ball over there, you know, we didn't need to do that. It got kind of ugly there, but I'm really proud of our guys, came on the road, beat a very, very good football team today, and just proud of our guys. And go to the next week.

REPORTER: Yeah, you guys beat Washington last week, a really, really tough opponent. You come to Utah and win here. It really seems like this team is finding its identity.

- Yeah, we've got a good football team. I mean, our guys are playing hard. You know, it's our sixth year in our program, and we've got a lot of character, and discipline, and that's what you're seeing. You're seeing the fruits of our labor.

- Well, Coach, great win. Congrats.

- Thank you. Great day to be a Sun Devil.

- Back to you, Rob.

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