#5 Wisconsin stays undefeated by dominating Maryland, 38-13

Wisconsin dominates Maryland, 38 - 13

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ANNOUNCER 1: Wisconsin rushes four and still get to Bortenschlager to force the interception. This one's headed back for a Wisconsin touchdown with T.J. Edwards going 54 yards.


Ibrahim at running back now. Here's Cephus on the slant. And Quintez Cephus is inside the 5. First down and goal, Wisconsin.

On a 30-yard gain, it's first down and goal. And for the first time since his fumble, Jonathan Taylor comes in at running back and responds with a touchdown--


--his Big Ten-leading 11th of the season. And the Badgers offense finally wakes up.


ANNOUNCER 2: I mean, look at this hole the Wisconsin offensive line is able to open up on the left side. Look at the gap right here and the movement. Doesn't get much easier than that. You could drive a truck through that thing.

Plenty of time for Wisconsin.

ANNOUNCER 1: They bring on their bigger running back, Bradrick Shaw. He takes the fake, and with some misdirection, they get a touchdown to Zander Neuville.


ANNOUNCER 2: So utilize their shifts, and all of a sudden, they change to a different final formation. That's where all of a sudden-- freeze right there. Number 85, Zander Neuville, gets kind of lost up in the shuffle of the play action pass. You can see him blocking on the back side and releases down. And there's no one there to cover him. Just a tremendous play design, and the way they ran the football to this point in that drive really helped open up Neuville for the touchdown. His fourth catch, second touchdown of the season.


ANNOUNCER 1: Hornibrook to throw again. Zips one to the end zone-- touchdown.


It is Taylor. Back-to-back catches-- this one for a score from 18.


ANNOUNCER 2: And it's the condensed splits that allows Taylor to be able to get the leverage. He works to the outside shoulder. Then he sticks it at the top. This ball's out before Taylor ever even cuts. Just superb timing.

ANNOUNCER 1: Bortenschlager-- end zone, touchdown. He finds Taivon Jacobs.



Taivon Jacobs in the end zone for Maryland's first touchdown of the day.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, it seems like Jacobs kind of gets left alone. And he's just going to work into the middle of the defense. They've got their safeties so wide. A little jerk route is what they call it.


ANNOUNCER 1: Ramesh again-- he's got his second touchdown of the season.



They do it today with a 38-13 win over the Maryland Terrapins.


ANNOUNCER 2: Sound performance for Wisconsin defensively. Offensively, still some things to clean up, but you got plenty of time with that schedule moving ahead. And for Maryland, look, there were some bright spots. Bottom of line, this has been a tough season for them.

- Coach, you guys only had three healthy scholarship receivers today, but you had Troy Fumagalli back. What does he do for this offense to get everything going?

- Well, I think it was a good example of he gives us a lot. And certainly, when we lose some players, others got to step up. And I thought he made a lot of plays early for us.

And again, the defense was really good, you know. We put them in some bad spots early in the game, and they come up big for us. And as everyone knows, it takes everyone to win the game. And I'm proud of the way the guys fought against a good Maryland team.

- This is a team with really good skill guys you went up against. Held them to under 300 yards offense. What has been the key to how this secondary has really stepped up?

- Well, I think they're just-- they're playing with confidence, and yet, they know that it takes everyone. And I think they get a lot of help, you know. I thought there was times we got some good pressure on the quarterback. And so it's team defense. That's what makes it fun to watch when we're playing well.

- Jonathan had another big game. I know he had the fumble early. What did you think of how he responded after that?

- Well, I think that's the biggest thing is he responded. And, you know, no game is ever going to go perfect, and it is all how you respond. I thought he did that, and certainly, it gives our offense and our team a lot.

- Jonathan, I know you had the fumble early. What did you have to do to kind of get yourself refocused to get going after that?

- You know, I kind of had to just trust in my teammates, trust in the game plan, you know, trust in my abilities as well. That's one thing Coach always talks about, you know, trust your abilities, you know, don't shy away from what you do best. So that's-- I had to come back and within myself and, you know, just respond.

- You know they have some really good running back, really good wide receiver on the other team, good skill guys. The way your defense stepped up, what impresses you most about those guys?

- I love the way the our defense fights, you know. Every single game you know they're going to come out, and they're going to play-- they're going to play their hearts out, you know. They're going to play for the man next to each other. They're going to play for the offense. And, you know, we have one of the best defenses in the country, and it's just because they play together as one.

- For you coming in the locker room-- I know Coach Chryst was frustrated with the execution, some of the O-line issues, the penalties, the fumble, the turnover. What did he say to you guys and how did you guys take that challenge?

- Oh, you know, he just told us, let's play Wisconsin football. You know, we're not going out there-- we're not trying to play Wisconsin versus Maryland versus Wisconsin, you know. We want to play Wisconsin versus Maryland, you know. And let's stop shooting ourselves in the foot. Let's, you know-- let's execute and let's go out here and win this game.

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