Wisconsin’s Jonathan Taylor runs 3-yds for a touchdown after a 30-yd completion from Alex Hornibrook

Wisconsin takes a 14-3 lead after Alex Hornibrook's 30-yd completion & Jonathan Taylor's 3-yd TD run

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[QUARTERBACK CALLS PLAY] ANNOUNCER 1: Ibrahim at running back now. Here's Cephus on the slant. And Quintz Cephus is inside the five. First down and goal, Wisconsin!

On a 30-yard gain, it's first down and goal. And for the first time since his fumble, Jonathan Taylor comes in at running back and responds with a touchdown!


His Big-10-leading 11th of season. And the Badgers offense finally wakes up.


ANNOUNCER 2: I mean, look at this hole the Wisconsin offensive line is able to open up on the left side. Look at that gap right here and the movement. It doesn't get much easier than that. You could drive a truck through that thing.

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