Stanford dominates Oregon 49-7

Keller Chryst's 3 touchdown passes help Stanford rout Oregon 49-7 in Pac 12 play.

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They go under the eye this time. He follows the full back, Love in the crease and touchdown!


10th rushing touchdown of the season for Bryce Love.

Bryce Love had 48 of the 77 yards in the opening drive. He gets the quick pitch here. Off he goes. Where is the Love? It's in Stanford, and the rest of country is just finding out.


ANNOUNCER 2: You talk about Nate Herbig. I was telling you about him. These guys right here-- the off guard is the one that's going to come up and make this play work. He's if-ing around. And that ability to see and smash on the outside clears that pathway.

ANNOUNCER 1: Going for the fade in the corner, it's caught. It's touchdown! JJ Arcega-Whiteside.


--in singles taken. Oh, it's blocked! It is blocked, loose, and recovered for a touchdown!


ANNOUNCER 1: Number two on top of it for the Cardinals.


Brandon Simmons, the reserve free safety dueling numbers with Trenton Irwin. But that's the young man that got on top of it for the touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's that dreaded sound, Tim, that you never want to hear.

ANNOUNCER 1: Pap-poom, Pa-poom.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's the sound. You can see him taking it off the top of the ball. And that's what you're looking for-- extending those arms at the point, again, across the foot so as to not create a foul on the punter and the kicker rather. Outstanding job of scooping it up and scoring.

ANNOUNCER 1: Curtis Robinson, reserve outside linebacker, blocked it.

Daniel Marx has come into the game at fullback. They roll out Chris, and he throws into the end zone-- touchdown. It's Arcega-Whiteside!


Dr. Harry Edwards and so many others. Lofting it for the corner and it's caught. That's a touchdown. Colby Parkinson Well, we talked about the Velco hands earlier of Toohill on an interception. There's some high pointing in that reception right there that you like to touch on.

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