Ohio State dominates Nebraska, behind J. T. Barrett’s 7 total touchdowns

Ohio State dominates Nebraska, behind J. T. Barrett's 7 total touchdowns.

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ANNOUNCER 1: Actually gained seven. 2nd and 3. At the 48. Dobbins remains in the backfield. Here's Dobbins, running left this time, with a huge opening down the sideline. Puts on the afterburners. Stiff arm. See ya later. Touchdown Ohio State. 52 yards.

ANNOUNCER 2: Block by Rashod Berry. Number 13. He's the fullback in there. He gets in there, great block on Mohamed Barry, and then it's all Dobbins down the sideline. There's the stiff arm. Gets himself into the end zone. The sensational freshman, ladies and gentlemen.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wilbon get in the backfield. Play fake. Lee-- under pressure, and he's hit as he throws. Screaming in around the right side Nick Bosa. Chris Worley as well.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's almost impossible to block this guy. First of all, they're going to send a lot of pressure right up the middle of the offensive line, and that allows Bosa to have a one-on-one on the outside. And he just taking Nick Gates right there, the left tackle, and beats him. Quickly gets to the quarterback

ANNOUNCER 1: Barrett sprints out, squares his shoulders, decides to run-- and scores a touchdown.

13-0 Ohio State here in the first, and the Buckeyes are clicking.

ANNOUNCER 2: There's just way too much focus on the coverage as Barrett's going to roll to his left, and no Nebraska player on defense is accounting for the quarterback. All of them with eyes all over their wide receiver and their coverage responsibility. That's a great decision from JT Barrett.

ANNOUNCER 1: JT. Underneath. Caught. KJ Hill. Touchdown Ohio State.

ANNOUNCER 2: They're going to clear out this entire side. Watch these routes and then the entire defense is going to clear out. And this is where you get the crossing route coming over from the left side. KJ Hill's going to be patient, patient. Now he turns on the jets as that clear-out has taken place. Excellent concept.

ANNOUNCER 1: Hill in motion. Barrett going for a big one here. Caught. Touchdown Buckeyes. Terry McLaurin.

ANNOUNCER 2: Who says 16 can't throw the ball down the field? Just a beautiful route by McLaurin. Breaks to the outside, ball's thrown on time, to the outside. Beautiful execution on the corner route. And another easy touchdown for Ohio State.

ANNOUNCER 1: Dobbins. No, Barrett. Touchdown Buckeyes. His second rushing touchdown of the first half. Bloodthirsty Buckeyes hanging out in Lincoln this week.

ANNOUNCER 2: Going to get that commitment from all three of those players, and Barrett is going to see the lane on the outside. All the Nebraska defenders squeeze down. You've got a defender here on the outside that stays wide. Easy touchdown again for JT Barrett.

ANNOUNCER 1: The six to JT Barrett I don't know, Joel, it's almost like Ohio State's playing chess, and everybody they're facing lately is playing checkers.

ANNOUNCER 2: This is just perfect. They're going to get the corner route here, but I want you to see Nebraska's coverage breakdown as the corner follows the motion. Now the corner clears out, and then the linebacker just totally releases the tight end. Nobody covering Marcus Baugh in the end zone. And Barrett understands the coverage, knows it, and then exploits it for a touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 1: --they made earlier in the season. Play fake. Lee over the middle. Caught with running room. Here he goes. It's JD Spielman down the sideline. Spielman, can get there? At the ten. Touchdown Cornhuskers. 77 yards.

First down at the 18. 31 first downs for the Buckeyes. Only six for Nebraska. JT Barrett. Rifles it. Caught. And another touchdown. Marcus Baugh. Four passing touchdowns for Joe Thomas. And Ohio State takes up 48-7 lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: They're just exploiting man coverage. Here's the man-to-man coverage taking place between the linebacker and Marcus Baugh. Marcus does a great job of pressing him inside before he goes outside to his left. Barrett throws the ball on time

ANNOUNCER 1: field in order to get after the quarterback. 2nd and 13. Lee. And caught. What a catch by Morgan. He outbattled Denzel Ward. Morgan who's playing with a tender hip. Scores on a 17-yard ball.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's a great pass by Lee. Denzel Ward seems to have just mistimed his jump. Man coverage right here. Here's number 12, Denzel Ward. And he's going to be running right with Stanley Morgan. Morgan does a nice job of kind of winning there at the last second. And again, Ward jumps up, mistimes his jump, and Stanley Morgan wins the battle.

ANNOUNCER 1: JT Barrett. Hit, fires. Touchdown Buckeyes. But KJ Hill. Here's O'Brien. Final play of the game. Throws it into the end zone. And intercepted by the Buckeyes. Amir Riep. And that's the end of the game. Ohio State 56, Nebraska 14.

INTERVIEWER: Coach, it doesn't get much more perfect than eight touchdowns on eight possessions for JT Barrett. So is this the stride that you've been looking for from your offense?

URBAN MEYER: It is. I thought our guys-- it's not just JT Barrett. JT Barrett-- he'd be the first to tell you, the receivers are making plays, the offensive line is protecting, we have two really good running backs playing for us right now-- a lot of positives.

INTERVIEWER: It's never good when I got to ask you about injuries, but you are going to have some time with the bye week in preparation before Penn State. How do you approach this time?

URBAN MEYER: Bye's coming at a good week. It's eighth or ninth week of the season. We have some big ones coming up, and this is a big one to come on the road to beat Nebraska. We got out of this pretty healthy and injury-free, but this coming at the right time. And we know how to handle a bye week, and come back stronger than ever, I hope.

INTERVIEWER: JT, my colleagues, Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt-- they were comparing you to an orchestra conductor tonight, because what you were doing was so beautiful out there. Did it feel as good as it looked?

JT BARRETT: It was a lot of preparation. I think we had a great week of practice, and then when Coach Day, we have this conversation, he said you've got to be the general out there. Make sure everybody's in the right spot and great communication, knowing that this was a great atmosphere for college football. A lot of tradition here, so if anything that was probably the main thing is to try and communicate and get everything on the same page.

INTERVIEWER: You've got the bye week for Penn State, and I know that's a game that we have been asking you guys about from the very beginning of the season. How confident are you in terms of going up against them?

JT BARRETT: I think one of the main things is just keep on having great practices. I think we do that, and we're going to put ourselves in best chance to win that game.

INTERVIEWER: All right, best of luck. Thank you.

JT BARRETT: Thank you. Go Bucks.

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