Oregon lose players to injury but still win big over Cal

Oregon lost some important starters in their 45-24 win over Cal.

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- Herbert again, passing. Hit as soon as he delivers a strike to Brenden Schooler. Touchdown, Ducks. 37 yards pitch and catch, first touchdown of the night for Oregon.

- Well, it's a skinny post. You see him breaking off right in the middle of the field. They get a running back out in the flat, a high-low concept on the outside.

- Both of these looking for their first conference victory. Herbert's going to keep it. Powers his way to the end zone.

- Watch the end man on the line of scrimmage. The first drive he crashed down, got a tackle for loss. And I mentioned, watch for them to come back to that. It's the quarterback keep on the offensive left side. And it's the second effort, I think, is what's going to get him. They have six touchdowns already this season.

- Touchdown, Oregon. Benoit.

- Vic Enwere, from the backfield. Going up top. He's got Noa. He's got a step. And Kanawai Noa takes it all the way, 75 yards. And Cal has gotten right back in it.

- Oregon five of 11 on third down. Big hole, first down and more. Look out. Benoit is going to take it all the way. Touchdown, Oregon. 68 yards for Kani Benoit.

- It's a keeper by Alie. And now Alie looks to be a little shaken up. Getting up slowly, Braxton Burmeister, the freshman out of La Jolla, California, will have to come in. 6-1 freshman. He's going to give it to Tony Brooks-James, right side, uses the speed, stiff arm, walks in to the end zone.

- Coach said James Madison helped the Dukes to that FCS national title last season. Over the middle. He's got a man wide open. It's Vic Wharton. And that's for his baby girl.

- Been battling all game long and really creating that new line of scrimmage.

- Felix, touchdown Oregon.

- And just what I'm talking about, they get a man on a man up front. Oregon Ducks victorious, 45-24.

- Let's go down to the field. And our Kristen Balboni is with the winning coach.

- Coach, so many injuries in this game. You were down to your third string quarterback, but yet your guys got it done and stayed in control the whole time. What does this win tell you about your team?

- I think it shows our guys love playing football no matter who's in there or not. They love playing the game and they love playing with each other. And that's the one thing about this football team that I like the most is that they really enjoy playing with each other.

- You lost Royce Freeman early, one of those injuries. But your other running back, Benoit, Brooks-James, they really stepped up. What impressed you the most about them tonight?

- Well, I tell you what, we didn't expect anything less out of those guys. We felt like we have three running backs that can be starters anywhere in the country. And when Royce went down, we didn't miss a beat. And that's the good thing about it. We knew we had depth there.

- And coach, you've got a big game coming up next week. Do you expect your starters to be playing in that game?

- I really don't know. I haven't-- they took them in, and I don't know what's the deal right now. But we'll be ready with whoever we have.

- Congratulations on the win. Thanks, coach. All right, Brian, back to you.

- All right, Kristen, thank you. That's it here from Eugene, Oregon.

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