No. 6 Washington too much for Oregon State

Washington turned up the tempo in the second half and overwhelmed Oregon State 42-7.

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ANNOUNCER 1: Initial drive here today. Browning. Good protection. On the move. Now he'll run. Jake Browning for the corner. He's in. Touchdown, Washington.

ANNOUNCER 2: --dogs back over the ball.

ANNOUNCER 1: Browning for the end zone. Pettis! Touchdown, Washington.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's like sharks smelling blood in the water when your defense is discombobulated. Washington.

ANNOUNCER 1: Browning for Pettis. Flag down. Doesn't matter. Touchdown Washington.

Myles Gaskin the ball carrier. Gaskin a huge hole. Gaskin cuts it back. Myles Gaskin, touchdown.

32 yards. An impressive run, as Gaskin finds the end zone for the sixth time this year.

ANNOUNCER 2: --even though there's multiple actions working. Because you get pullers like Jesse Sosebee, but it has to be sealed by Kaleb McGary. And not only does he seal it, he moves the point of attack against the opponent's will.

ANNOUNCER 1: Washington 457 yards in total offense now. And Gaskin 113 yards on the ground.

Browning for the end zone one more time. Jake Browning, Dante Pettis. Third time they've hooked up for a score today.

This is McGrew. Through the line. Into the end zone. Sean McGrew. Touchdown, Washington.

ANNOUNCER 2: And this time they just lined up and said, here we come. We had the power play again.

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