Alabama routs Ole Miss, 66-3

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Alabama routs Ole Miss, 66-3

- Tuscaloosa here this year.

- Third down and six now. Hurts. He's going to tuck, so capable and doing this. And easily gets the first down, and more! Inside the 10, and you get a glimpse of why some think he's the best runner on the team overall! Here's [INAUDIBLE] Bo. Scoring, tie. Bo Scarbrough. That wasn't for the Rebels. Third and four. The slant picked off by Wallace. Levi Wallace!

- What is Demarkus Lodge doing? He just quit on the play.

- Hurts. Good strike downfield to Cam Sims. And Sims turns it on inside the 10! Second and goal. Hurts to the end zone. Touchdown, [INAUDIBLE].

- But this offensive line group. The better they get, the more devastating this offense is going to be.

- And fresh legs with Josh Jacobs. Play action, Hurts. Backs up to the 30. And another touchdown for the tie! Josh Jacobs! Here he is again, straight up the middle. And a touchdown for the tie. And two. Sprint to the left, and throws it into the end zone to Ruggs for a touchdown. First and goal. Going to run Clark again. And Bama is going to score again. And I think they can write in whatever number they want on that scoreboard tonight.