Troy starts strong to deliver stunning upset against LSU

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Troy starts strong and comes up with the upset against LSU, 24-21.

ANNOUNCER 1: High snap, the feed to Chunn, no, Silvers keeps. Touchdown Trojans.

ANNOUNCER 2: Couple scores away from being right back in his game. That's what you're preaching to your team.

ANNOUNCER 1: Chunn on the draw, big run for a first down. And he breaks loose. Down to the one. High snap, Chunn touchdown Troy. LSU with 112 rushing yards tonight. Brennan, man open, touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 2: Everybody's touching the ball.

ANNOUNCER 1: Anderson picking his way, reaches out, did he get in? Yes, touchdown Josh Sanderson, the big 250-pound running back scores for Troy. Under eight minutes to go. Down three scores, going to take a shot at the end zone here for Gage. Did he make the catch in the end zone? Yes, touchdown LSU.

ANNOUNCER 2: They're taking full advantage of it tonight.

ANNOUNCER 1: Chunn ball comes out. LSU gets it back. The Tigers still have life.

ANNOUNCER 2: Keeping his offense alive.

ANNOUNCER 1: Etling finds Moreau. Ball comes out, but he got in. Touchdown LSU.

ANNOUNCER 2: Watch Troy, they're guarding the sidelines. Sidelines, you want them to catch this ball inbounds.

ANNOUNCER 1: Etling, chased, time running out, hit, got rid of it, it's intercepted. And Troy is going to win the football game.