Stanford’s Bryce Love is really good at football; ran for 301 yards and 3 touchdowns

Stanford's Bryce Love is really good at football, he ran for 301 yds and scored 3 touchdowns against Arizona State.

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TED ROBINSON: We'll watch this from the back side if we can. This is amazing. And look what it produces! They're trying to catch the backside of Bryce Love, and they don't do it! Touchdown.

Throwback football. We're going to smash you in the mouth. And Stanford does it. And Bryce Love goes 61.

YOGI ROTH: What an impressive job. And that was Nick Wilson. He's the ogre, the extra offensive lineman. He was the pulling guard-- I mean, basically a tight end on that last snap.

TED ROBINSON: And now that he [INAUDIBLE]. And Love got outside. Bryce Love breaks tackles! He'll score again!

It's second down and 2. It's Wilson, offensive lineman, in the slide to block for Love. There goes Love! They won't get him! Touchdown number three for Bryce Love.

YOGI ROTH: See who's going to kind of guide him there. That's David Bright. He's going to be the left guard, right? This is the power. This is everybody's favorite play. They call it God's Play in the offensive lines around the country. He's just leading them right there. There's nothing there, Ted.

TED ROBINSON: He didn't have to hit anybody.

YOGI ROTH: There is nothing there. You know that play's coming. And it's so hard for teams to fit that type of run, because it can hit so many different ways. David Bright leads the way. No defender there and a walk.

TED ROBINSON: How many times in power football does a guard pull and never have anybody to block?

YOGI ROTH: He's even surprised.

TED ROBINSON: He couldn't block anybody.

Bryce Love's third touchdown today. And in week five, 1,014 yards.

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