No.10 Wisconsin overcomes turnover problems to defeat Northwestern 33-24

Check out how Wisconsin was able to defeat Big 10 foe Northwestern.

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BOB WISCHUSEN: And even after Paul Chryst took the Wisconsin job, thought twice about giving up on that commitment. But he starts off 1 for 1, Jazz Peavy loses the football, and it looks like Northwestern may have recovered.

BROCK HUARD: Redshirt senior Peavy, who had a great game against Northwestern last year, he catches it. He makes a football move. There is no doubt that Trey Williams sneaks that hand in.

BOB WISCHUSEN: He's a red zone machine. They're going to keep it on the ground here. Crab crawling to the goal line, and into the end zone, with a Wisconsin touchdown.


BOB WISCHUSEN: Instead, they'll go for it. Thorson, off his back foot it's intercepted. Well that almost turns into a flip of the field via punt, and knock it down. Cost his team field position by picking it off.

BROCK HUARD: Yeah, really hard to train and teach those guys.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Four-man rush, Hornibrook steps up, down the sideline, and that one's intercepted.

BROCK HUARD: That film study there for the young Alex, he's going to look at that after this game.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Thorson bullets one to the goal line. It was caught. Did it break the plane? The answer is no. Play action, throwing into the end zone, wide open touchdown, Clayton Thorson.

So a good game on ESPN, and a good one here on ABC as well, as Hornibrook looks deep. Jump ball, and that's intercepted, picked off by Godwin Igwebuike.

Play action, Hornibrook, going downtown for Cephus who's behind the defense. Quintez Cephus.

BROCK HUARD: Adjustments from this team.

BOB WISCHUSEN: First and 10 at the 11, Jonathan Taylor, he's got another. Wisconsin touchdown.

BROCK HUARD: Need more quarterbacks.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Hornibrook on second down and long, long for outside the numbers, breaking a tackle, Danny Davis. The freshman down inside the ten to the six.

Play action, Hornibrook wide open, end zone, climbing the ladder. That's a Nor-- a touchdown for Danny Davis.

Perfect in the second half.

BROCK HUARD: A play action pass, he knew they were going to come back to that a little bit more.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Not making any bones about it, here they come. Six, and it's intercepted. Natrell Jamerson turns the corner, stays in bounds inside the pylon.

BROCK HUARD: Watch his eyes. He is reading one guy. He is reading that quarterback. Look at it. He's reading him. He is wishing that ball comes his way. He is hoping it comes his way, and the special athleticism to finish down the sidelines.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Four-man rush, Thorson from the end zone, rolling under pressure, he'll go down! It's a safety, D'Cota Dixon.

It is victory formation. And that will make it official.

BROCK HUARD: Well, that familiarity breeds some contempt. It also breeds, you know, within the other team--

BOB WISCHUSEN: Confidence.


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