Maryland outlasts Minnesota 31-24 despite playing former third-string QB Max Bortenschlager

Watch how Max Bortenschlager was able to pick up the win for Maryland against the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

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ANNOUNCER 1: And as a fifth year senior, making his way.



ANNOUNCER 2: And it's stopped at the 1-yard line.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jacob Huff, number two defensively, comes in to make the play on what was a fake.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's a combination or choice route. He's got to make it. He's going to the opposite side. Good.

ANNOUNCER 1: Down the sideline.


ANNOUNCER 1: And caught. That's DJ Turner.

ANNOUNCER 2: Because they have not worked his right side of the field. But when they got in that trip formation--

ANNOUNCER 1: Bortonschlager's got plenty of room. Are they going to give it to him?

ANNOUNCER 2: They should.

ANNOUNCER 1: Touchdown.

STADIUM ANNOUNCER: Bortonschlager the ball carrier--

ANNOUNCER 1: Took a while for them to raise them up, but they did.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's that far downhill but, it's a young squad now.

ANNOUNCER 1: And there's the big tight end, Wozniak, right on cue. Look at him go.

ANNOUNCER 2: He can walk in.

ANNOUNCER 1: On second and goal it's Smith. It's touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, Tim, the formulas work. With that revamped offensive line, guys playing out of position, still able to get the weight advantage and the push.

ANNOUNCER 1: For Funk, now looking, on the run, it's DJ Moore, it is touchdown. Wow.

ANNOUNCER 2: This was the match-up we said, this is a potential problem here on the switch. Anytime you have those two receivers there with the wide side of the field, Shenault should have done the opposite and played the outside and not allow Moore the inside leverage on them.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rhoda, over the middle, touchdown. Brandon Lingen, the tight end.

ANNOUNCER 2: They like their tight ends, when they get down here inside, because of the size of the match-up, if you can get a quarterback that can thread the needle, he can pay it off. Their tight ends are big targets.

ANNOUNCER 1: Bootleg action. Bortonschlager's got his man, Funk. It's touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 2: For a touchdown here. That's what it's all about, right? When you're down here, go to the guys you haven't seen on film. Make plays for you and ask them to. That's how you grow up in a hurry. Funk with a nice job on the out cut, pulling it in.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wonder if he'll have another shot with it. Going long, that's caught, that is touchdown. Oh, no, they're going to rule him down at the one.

ANNOUNCER 2: Here, Rhoda doing a nice job of feeling the pressure in the pocket. And again, he's going to dive and catch that ball--

ANNOUNCER 1: Out of the shotgun, Brooks. He is in there. Touchdown. Boy, wide open for Ty Johnson. How do you do?

--this hole at the same time.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, you hit your head on the goal post right there. Again, nice little inside zone read. Celistin hadn't been in anybody's hip pocket much for tonight, but when it mattered most, this Maryland offense did it in a hurry.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rodney Smith in the backfield. Still a long way to go for the Golden Gophers. Over the middle and it's intercepted.

ANNOUNCER 2: Calls the errant pass. Receivers trying to get over. Carter's there, but underneath it, able to up-cut it, because the quarterback had to step up in the pocket.

ANNOUNCER 1: Marvelous performance by Max Bortonschlager. What a remarkable win it is for him and for DJ Durkin's program today.

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