Nebraska defeats Illinois, 28-6

Nebraska Cornhuskers defeat Illinois Fighting Illini, without allowing a touchdown, 28-6

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ANNOUNCER 1: Showing man coverage, man free. Lee, throwing over the middle, completes the pass to Pierson-El. He's got speed to the end zone. Touchdown! 45 yard for De'Mornay Pierson-El.


ANNOUNCER 2: Tanner Lee threw that one off his back foot, but it didn't matter.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah. He was backing up, great scheme here, again, offensively. Getting in a clear out and then a shower out there by Pierson-El and his coverage man, Jaylen Dunlap, just fell down, just lost his balance, didn't get a pick, didn't get a rub, nothing that would be questionable that way.

Ball 1-0 in conference play, coming off the victory over Rutgers. They hand off to Ozigbo, Ozigbo gets outside. Ozigbo still on his feet to the end zone. Touchdown!


Devine Ozigbo, 15 yards. What an effort.


ANNOUNCER 2: Ozigbo was the guy that finished the game for Nebraska against Rutgers last week. A lot of carries on a long drive. Picks up where he left off.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, again, it's a great job by the front there. That's the same play we were talking about before. Great finish by Ozigbo. 30 friends and family, the south side Chicago native.


Pads the time and Hoppes to the end zone. Touchdown!



Tyler Hoppes for six yards for the touchdown. Again, just psychologically, for Tanner Lee, that's a great touchdown, a play action pass. This just looks like, oh boy, that's easy. That's not easy. On the run, he's getting pressure. Gets it to Hoppes. That's booked for him.


Crouch's pressure gets away from one, makes a move.


How about this run by Crouch? Wow!


That was a heck of a run by Chase Crouch. 20 yards. This is where we need the GPS thing that tells you how far he ran in game 20.

ANNOUNCER 2: At least 16 out here.

ANNOUNCER 1: Larry Boyd gets beat and he beats Carlos-- I think he beats every member of the Davis family right there.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, they're all unsure.

ANNOUNCER 1: For sure, it's reversed out.

ANNOUNCER 2: Broke Luke Gifford's tackle and finally, Deontre Thomas gets him down. A heroic run.


ANNOUNCER 1: Lee with time to Morgan. Morgan has the first down. Morgan still inbounds to the end zone. Touchdown!


Stanley Morgan able to stay inbounds, 23 yards for the touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 2: 23 yards and about 13 of them were a stiff arm. Stanley Morgan with the longest stiff arm in history against Nate Hobbs. He rode him all the way and by himself. Threw him all the way to the pylon. Check this out.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, a shallow cross here, trying to get to the rub on the linebacker. And, again, Stanley Morgan there, he's going to need a new facemask tonight, I think, on Hobbs.

ANNOUNCER 2: He might.

ANNOUNCER 1: You see Morgan's a 1,000 yard receiver in his career here in Nebraska and they are glad to have him back.

STADIUM ANNOUNCER: Drew Brown will jump in for the point.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nebraska just giving the ball to Devine Ozigbo here on this drive. And now, they go into victory formation, taking a knee.


Well, the t staff still loved the most tonight, six Illinois points and zero Tanner Lee interceptions.


And a win on the road in conference play to move to 2-0 in Big 10 play and 3-2 overall on the season.

ANNOUNCER 3: Coach, congratulations on a dominating win. What was the difference in Tanner Lee tonight?

MIKE RILEY: Well, I think it was probably the balance that we had, we had some good runs going. It opened up some nice lanes for him to throw the ball in and we protected better than we have. So you know, when we have a combination of things going, it's going to be better for him.

ANNOUNCER 3: I know you're anxious to get Tre Bryant back, but what have you seen out of Ozigbo Wilbon during his absence?

MIKE RILEY: Well, we've appreciated them and, really, it's not surprising to me. I've been telling people we have three good backs and we have three better backs than we had a year ago and they're all the same guy. And so they all competed really well and when given the opportunity, since Tre's been out. these guys have done a nice job.

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