Miami scores a dominant victory over Duke, 31-6

Miami Hurricanes show up strong and score a dominant victory over the Duke Blue Devils, 31-6

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- Fans in Durham on a Friday night are excited about their Duke Blue Devils. And why not? They're undefeated and hosting 14th ranked Miami right now.

- Instead, under pressure is Jones. And he's tossed! Sacked by Michael Pinckney.

- Rosier over the middle. And it's going to be complete, first down for the-- oh, my! First down and more for Walton, 25-yard line. And you see the gifts that Mark Walton may bring to the NFL.

- Pressure from his back-- Rosier hit as he throws-- end zone-- is that a touchdown catch? Yes, it is!

- Mark Walton, the tailback for Miami. Flags are down. Rosier's going to take a shot down the field for Richards. And I believe he made that catch. Looks like he got the foot in bounds.

And Miami playing quickly. Rosier, trying to do the quick, Peyton Manning-style sneak. And he's in. Touchdown Hurricanes.

- USC and Washington State follows us. Jones, fires. That's well-contended! And it might be an interception by Pinckney!

And Pinckney better put his helmet back on or Miami's going to get another penalty for waiting for the turnover chain.

- Jones-- under pressure-- swallowed up by the Canes' D and sacked back at the 46-yard line. Chad Thomas brought the lumber that time for Miami.

- And he'll stay in to block. Rosier overthrows. It's intercepted! That's Fields. And he's brought down.

Rosier, over the middle. Miami's got some room here. 20, 15-- Richards, he's back in. Touchdown Miami! Richards didn't work as fast as he could be, didn't have to be.

- Jones again-- dancing, trying to escape-- ball's poked away! Free ball. Still free--


- Tailback here is Homer. And Homer up the gut-- 20-- ball game.

- Final score-- 31 to 6, Miami. For Mack and Julie in our crew, I'm Dave LaMont.