Saquon Barkley stars with 211 rush yards and an extra 94 receiving yards in win over Iowa

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Watch Saquon Barkley's huge night in Penn State's squeaker of a win over the Iowa Hawkeyes.

ANNOUNCER 1: Saquon Barkley, his ability to establish the run game. What I'm really impressed-- been impressed with with him--

ANNOUNCER 2: He's got it. And he's got a crease. Nice little cut. This tremendous-- the Hawks.

Barkley the burst, in the clear. Saquon Barkley's got the corner. Saquaon Barkley run out inside the 10.

And he will certainly give the defense a nice rest. And Barkley scoots free again. Saquon gets the edge, and dives close.

Saquon has the edge, breaks another arm tackle. Still going, into Iowa territory, cuts it back. Saquon Barkley getting loose now in the third quarter.

ANNOUNCER 1: Fast he does this. Watch this. He's full speed, and he puts his left foot right there. I mean, how does he do that?

ANNOUNCER 2: Option look, Barkley. Diving, knocked out, just shoved out short of the goal line. [INAUDIBLE] touchdown.

McSorley from the pocket on third and six, flips it backwards to Barkley. Hurdles a man and makes a first down.

ANNOUNCER 1: I mean, that was it. What else is there? By the way, he takes a hit and lands.

ANNOUNCER 2: Exactly.

ANNOUNCER 1: He lands it.

ANNOUNCER 2: McSorley rolls and flips it to Barkley in the flat. It's a race. He slips as he wants to make a cut.

McSorley flips it at the last minute. Barkley still running, and scoots out of bounds at the 10.

ANNOUNCER 1: One on one, it's been all night. Why now one of the last plays of the game. Shake, right there, gets by him, and he's able to pick up five or eight more yards. And as I said, he gets out of bounds.

ANNOUNCER 2: McSorley across the middle, touchdown Juwan Johnson. Penn State wins it, a walk off touchdown. Sunday in an ice tub after a school record for all purpose yards.