Mason Rudolph talks with Joel Klatt about OSU’s high expectations in 2017

Mason Rudolph shares his reasons for passing on the NFL Draft, as well as OSU's lofty goals for the 2017 season.

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GUS JOHNSON: How about this kid? Mason Rudolph.

ANNOUNCER 1: He has been unstoppable.

ANNOUNCER 2: The best pocket quarterback in the Big 12.

ANNOUNCER 3: Touchdown, Oklahoma State, Mason Rudolph.

JOEL KLATT: Let's start with this.

- Yeah.

JOEL KLATT: You had a great opportunity to go to the NFL a year ago. So what brought you back to Oklahoma State?

- It was more a feeling of graduating, as well as, kind of, you know, unfinished business. You know, and leave more of a legacy. Me and some of the seniors felt like we had enough coming back. And we had a firepower to come back together and enjoy our senior years in Stillwater.

- For your team, what is a successful season here at Oklahoma State?

- Well, I think if we win the Big 12, you know, win the Big 12 Championship, you put yourself in the right, you know, contention for a playoff berth. And that's all we can ask for. So we understand what we have to do this year to get over the hump and just keep working and keep preparing yourselves for that when the moment comes, you'll be ready.

JOEL KLATT: Speaking of moments, you had a moment that was so unique. You got thrown in as a true freshman to start on the road at a very good Baylor team.

ANNOUNCER 4: Mason Rudolph, his first start of his career.

JOEL KLATT: Can you take us back to that moment where the coaching staff told you, hey, we're going to start you.

MASON RUDOLPH: It was Coach Gundy who just asked me. He said, hey, do you want to go here? He said, you know, we can throw in the walk-on who is less prepared than you, or we can throw--

- [LAUGHS] So we'll throw the walk-on to the wolves.

- Exactly. And I really appreciate that because with three games to go in my freshman season, it would have been easy to say, hey, let's just ride the register out, but, you know, I came here to play.

GUS JOHNSON: Rudolph lofting it in the air. Glidden got it! Touchdown! Rudolph with his first career touchdown pass.

MASON RUDOLPH: Once I got that first one in, man, it just started flowing and you kind of lose the nerves. And there was just like, hey, this is just football. It just kind of flowed that night.

- This year you see this hit the newsstands. What does it make you feel?

- It's great for Oklahoma State. I think, you know, any time you can bring attention to your school and put them on the national stage, that's a win in my book. And I think it's big because people are starting to notice what we've got here and the type of program that Coach Gundy has developed and built over 10 or 12 years.

And so that's awesome, but in this building we like to take it one day at a time. But we also have a big picture vision for where we want to be. The vision is win a Big 12 title. And going the extra mile.

ANNOUNCER 5: Rudolph under pressure. Throws to the end zone. Touchdown!

ANNOUNCER 6: Perfectly thrown ball by Mason Rudolph.

ANNOUNCER 7: This young man is making an impact on every play.

JOEL KLATT: If you were to write the legacy that you want to leave here at Oklahoma State, how would that read out?

- I just want to be known as somebody that really emptied the tank, as far as my potential, my ceiling here, Who was just a good friend and a good teammate and enjoyed that college time. A combination of those things would be what I want my legacy to be.

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