WVU AD: Stewart, Holgorsen will be professional

West Virginia coach-in-waiting Dana Holgorsen and head coach

Bill Stewart are making unwanted headlines that has the

Mountaineers athletic director re-examining his decision to have

them work together.

Oliver Luck said Tuesday in a statement he doesn’t discuss

personnel matters publicly. But with signs that the strained

relationship between Holgorsen and Stewart is boiling over, when

asked by KDKA-FM whether he would do the same arrangement again,

Luck said, ”I don’t know.”

Still, with two months before players report for fall camp, Luck

is confident the program is in good shape despite what’s unfolded

over the last few weeks.

”I’d be the last one to deny that we’re not in the middle of a

little bit of a controversy,” he told the station. ”We are having

a little bit of drama and certainly we’ll try to get to the bottom

of that. I don’t see much damage at all going into the football

season because we can get all this sorted out, this summer


An intoxicated Holgorsen was escorted out of a casino last

month, but no charges were filed.

And Monday night, former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Colin

Dunlap told KDKA that Stewart called him shortly after Holgorsen’s

hiring in December and asked him to ”dig up” some dirt on the new


Dunlap said Stewart also called at least one other reporter on

the issue. Dunlap said he discussed it with the other reporter, who

he didn’t name.

Dunlap recalled Stewart saying, ”’You need to get it out on

this guy.’ And I said, `hey man, I’m not like a part of some witch


Luck didn’t address Dunlap’s comments directly and neither

Stewart or Holgorsen responded to messages left by The Associated


This wasn’t the direction Luck had in mind when he said he was

taking the program on another path when he hired Holgorsen away

from Oklahoma State with plans to have him replace Stewart after

the 2011 season.

Luck, Holgorsen and Stewart all promised a smooth


It hasn’t been.

And with news reports appearing almost daily lately on either

Holgorsen, Stewart or both, Luck said he needs time to sort out the

facts before commenting on them.

”There have been various reports, much speculation, and rumor

around our football program and coaches,” Luck said in the

statement. ”But I want to make it clear that I consider these to

be personnel matters and while I take them very seriously, I am

dealing with them internally and privately – and I will not discuss

them publicly.”

Things appeared to escalate after police escorted Holgorsen from

the Mardi Gras Casino in Cross Lanes on May 18. Holgorsen issued a

statement a week later saying he had learned a ”valuable


WVU players said Tuesday they’ve been focused on summer

conditioning and not the headlines their coaches were making.

”There’s been a lot of talking going on,” defensive lineman

Bruce Irvin told WDTV-TV in Bridgeport. ”We’re not focused on any

of that. We’re focusing on winning the Big East and getting to a

national championship. All the extra stuff is irrelevant to us. It

is what it is. We’re not going to let it bother us.”

Luck said Tuesday his expectations of his coaches and staff

haven’t changed.

”That is to run a clean and honest program with the upmost

integrity and professionalism,” Luck said. ”Anything less is

unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”