Wisconsin Football: Get to Know Your Badgers

Getting to Know Badgers Top Recruit Kayden Lyles

The National Championship is still fresh in everyone’s mind, but when the end of the College Football season comes, the off-season grind is just kicking off, and for many programs across the country it can be an even bigger season that the games on the field. Each January the Badgers and other schools across their country make their final pitch to class of 2017, as signing day quickly approaches. On February 1st, each prospect will sign their letter of intent to their respective school. It’s a day that can set up a program for a jump in the future, or send a program into a reel if the are unable to land that make a difference recruit. Today we start our Get to Know Series, where each day we will take a look at the incoming Badgers for the 2017 season and how they could impact Wisconsin Football in the future.

For Wisconsin Football, a large portion of the Badgers class is already put together, but one of the biggest pieces (Literally and figuratively) is that of Kayden Lyles. If the Lyles names sounds familiar, it’s because it is. The Badgers have a long line of players from that family that have suited up in the Cardinal and White. Kayden’s father Kevin suited up for UW at tight end, and enjoyed a very successful career, while brother Kare Lyles is just getting started at UW at quarterback and could contend for the job this spring.

Kayden will there alongside him as he was one of five freshmen to early enroll at Wisconsin. Lyles is a 6’3″-330 pound guard who will likely be providing protection to his older brother for years to come. The duo could be special at Wisconsin for years to come. Kayden played his senior year of football at Middleton High School, after moving back to Wisconsin from Arizona. The four star recruit was a highly sought after player as he received offers from a multitude of schools, but quickly choose Wisconsin over all others.

We may see some of Lyles next season, but its much more likely that the star guard will redshirt his first season and get a full year of work in the UW system before likely stepping into a possible starting spot the following season. However it plays out, I suspect the Kyles duo to have a large impact for years to come for Wisconsin Football.

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