Wisconsin Football: Does Ramczyk’s Injury Mean Return to UW?

Wisconsin’s Star Tackle Will Miss Four Months after the Cotton Bowl

Wisconsin Football star Offensive Lineman Ryan Ramczyk will miss four months after the Cotton Bowl due to a hip injury that the he suffered sometime this season. The lineman will need arthroscopic hip surgery to help heal a torn labrum in his hip according to a report from Tom Oates of WSJ. The injury will cause the star to miss significant time after the conclusion of the Cotton Bowl, some saying upwards of four months, putting any NFL decisions on hold.

Ramczyk has skyrocketed up the draft boards over this season and currently sits at 14th on ESPN’s Tod Mcshay’s draft board. However with surgery impeding its hard to tell how the Junior will handle his draft status.

Ramczyk has remained essentially silent about his pro future, but this may be the turning point that hurries a long a decision we are all anticipating. There are a few different ways it could play out depending on the course of action Ramczyk takes.

1. He has surgery and stays at Wisconsin. This would allow Ramczyk to not only return for his senior season, but also get a full recovery for the 2018 NFL draft and possible climb the board even higher. Ramczyk has been playing with the injury, and he’s still had an amazing season. Imagine if he was fully healthy?

2. He has the surgery, and decides to go pro. Based on the surgery Ramczyk would be out for any pre-draft testing, and NFL executives would essentially be going off of the 14 game resume he’s put together at Wisconsin. In a dog eat dog world like the NFL its hard to speculate if executives will take the risk, and its likely his stock may fall a bit, but who knows how far? It’s unlikely he would enter without hiring an agent, as no NFL team would run the risk of potentially losing out on a first round pick.

The surgery certainly puts a wrench into an already complex situation, as we really have no idea what Ramczyk was thinking before the announcement, but its probable that he’s been playing with this situation for quite some time, so his decision may already be made. Only time will tell.

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