Corey Clement travels to Germany for sports hernia surgery

The Badgers star is in good hands.
Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Wisconsin Badgers star running back Corey Clement is seeing a very special doctor for his sports hernia surgery.

Clement is going to Germany to have to procedure according to reports. If you are wondering about the costs involved, here is how the Badgers are taking care of it per the Journal Sentinel:

“In our case, we operate as follows. For any student-athlete who sustains an athletics-related injury, our medical personnel (team doctors and athletic trainers) decide the best course of action for treating said injury.

“The student-athlete's primary insurance is used to pay for the expenses related to the treatment of the injury. Whatever portion of that treatment that is not covered by the student-athlete's primary insurance is then covered by the athletic department.

“That way there is no 'out of pocket' expense to the student-athlete or his/her family.”

Badgers fans surely hope that Clement is back for the stretch run of the conference season.

(h/t Journal Sentinel)

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