Week Three: 3 teams that should be ranked lower than Louisville Football

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What a weekend for Louisville football fans. College Gameday was in town for the first time in school history, Lamar Jackson was leading the Heisman watch, and all eyes were on Louisville, Kentucky. The best part for Cardinals fans was that their team dominated and imposed their will over the Florida State Seminoles.





The Cards were able to do something that no other team in college football history has been able to do against Florida State and that was score 63 points. The Seminoles were embarrassed by the Cardinals and sophomore quarterback Lamar Jackson on Saturday afternoon. If there was any doubt about Jackson’s abilities, there is no more.

Louisville did an incredible job against Florida State running back Dalvin Cook in this game as well. Cook has killed the Cardinals over the last two seasons, but they were able to hold him to 16 carries and 54 yards in this game. Not to mention, he was only able to get 3.4 yards per carry. Louisville did a great job of tackling and wrapping up.

They now set their sights on their next two games, which will be on the road against Marshall this next and Clemson the week after. Louisville has put themselves in a great position for the rest of the season, but they now need to beat the defending ACC Champions in order to be in full control of the ACC.

The talk surrounding the Cardinals now should be whether they are the best team in the entire country. Fans do not need to get ahead of themselves, but there are a number of teams within the top ten that Louisville football should be ranked higher than in the next Associated Press’ Poll.

Here are the three teams that we think Louisville football should be ranked higher than after week three of the college football season.

Sep 17, 2016; Louisville, KY, USA; Florida State Seminoles wide receiver Da

3. (#2) Florida State Seminoles

This shouldn’t even be a question heading into the forth week of the season. We could maybe see how the Seminoles could maybe still be rated higher if this game ended close. However, that was not the case and Lamar Jackson’s Cardinals ran Florida State out of the state of Kentucky.

This was a match-up between two of the top up-and-coming young quarterbacks in Deondre Francois and Lamar Jackson. At the end of this game, it was clear who the better quarterback was and who had the better team surrounding them.

Louisville had seven rushing touchdowns on the day against Florida State. That is absolutely inexcusable for any team within the entire top 25, nonetheless for the second rated team in the entire country. Louisville’s rushing attack is one of the best in the country with Lamar Jackson and Brandon Radcliff.

The leaders for Florida State never showed up in this big-time matchup. Dalvin Cook, Deondre Francois, and DeMarcus Walker were uncharacteristically quiet throughout this beat down from the Cardinals. No one ever stepped up and led, therefore the Seminoles need to be knocked down below the Cardinals for the second time in the week.

Sep 17, 2016; Madison, WI, USA; Wisconsin Badgers wide receiver Robert Wheelwright (15) picks up 11 yards in the 4th quarter with Georgia State Panthers cornerback Jerome Smith (16) defending during Wisconsin

2. (#9) Wisconsin Badgers

This may be the biggest head scratcher of all of the teams in the top ten this season.  After starting the season unranked, the Badgers knocked off LSU and jumped far in the polls, leaping over the Cardinals after the first week. We wrote about how they shouldn’t be rated higher than Louisville in our article last week, but it’s even more true this week.

Wisconsin barely squeezed by the (0-3) Georgia State Panthers today, at home, 23-17. They are this week’s Georgia Bulldogs. Hit the road jack and don’t come back, the Badgers should not and will not be rated higher than the Louisville Cardinals in the new AP Poll.

The Badgers ran the ball very well today, but they cannot run the ball as well as Louisville. The Cardinals could exploit them in multiple ways, starting with Lamar Jackson. If the Badgers struggled to stop the passing game from an 0-3 GSU team, then they cannot stop the passing attack from a Bobby Petrino offense.

Don’t sweat this one Cardinals fan, Wisconsin won’t be rated higher than Louisville any longer.

Sep 17, 2016; Seattle, WA, USA; Washington Huskies linebacker Keishawn Bierria (7) celebrates with Lavon Coleman (22) after Coleman recovered a muffed kick by Portland State Vikings running back Mitchell Thompson (35) during the first quarter at Husky Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

1. (#8) Washington Huskies

What’s up with all of the love for the Washington Huskies this season? They came into the season ranked higher than the Cardinals and they have stayed there so far this year. At the same time, they haven’t done anything wrong so far, as they have taken care of every opponent easily.

Like the Cardinals, well before the Florida State game, the Huskies have not played a great opponent yet in 2016. That is not their fault, but it does mean that the Louisville football team should be rated higher than them in next week’s poll.

Texas and Wisconsin jumped so far up in the polls after one win against a top ten team that it isn’t even funny. Louisville has been highly thought of so far this year and they just dominated the second ranked team in the country. That should add up to the Cardinals jumping over the Huskies, just in terms of strength of wins in 2016.

Washington will be able to prove their worth over the next three weeks as they will face both Oregon and Stanford. Let’s see how they do in those games before they move even further up in the rankings.

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