Watch an Ole Miss player jump over unsuspecting coach at practice

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Ole Miss is getting ready for a big-time Week 1 showdown on Monday night against the Florida State Seminoles, but it looks like their players are staying loose in the meantime.

During Sunday's practice, junior defensive end Marquis Haynes got some work in by completely jumping over one of his coaches, Barney Farrar. It would seem that Coach Barney wasn't expecting it, as he jokingly attempted to chase down Haynes after he landed back on the turf.

That reaction leads us to believe that this isn't the first time Haynes has gone airborne over Farrar. Either way, it's an impressive display of athleticism from a guy who checks in at 6'3, 222 lbs. That's a display you could expect to see from a wide receiver or running back, but not usually a defensive end. Big frame, big hops.