Sarkisian 86’s practice after scare

Tom Brady wasn’t the only QB injury scare to come out of a training camp on Wednesday. See what you make of this weird story about the way football practice ended at Washington on Wednesday.

According to The Seattle Times, a key player was carted off the field with an apparent leg injury, which was a tough blow, but not exactly unusual in the sport of football. And then … well, here’s what the Times reported:

"A few minutes later, during an 11-on-11 goal-line drill, 327-pound DT Danny Shelton knocked down Keith Price (wearing a no-contact yellow jersey) on a quarterback keeper; Shelton appeared to knock his helmet into Price’s right knee. Price popped right up and appeared to be OK, but coach Steve Sarkisian — standing in the middle of the field at about the 20-yard line — threw off his visor and fell onto his back in disgust.

"Practice ended immediately. Sarkisian quickly left the field and said no one would be available for interviews."

Huh? Well, on the bright side, The Seattle Times did get ahold of Price after practice (but not the Shelton kid), and he told the paper, " “Oh yeah, I’m all good. All good."