Vols Fan Runs Through Traffic To Erase ‘Roll Tide’

One Vol was so sick of seeing “Roll Tide” written on the back of a truck that he decided to run through traffic to erase it.

We’ve all done silly things for our teams, but I can at least say that I’ve never played in traffic for Bama. This poor hill person however can not make the same claim about his Vols.

Yes that’s a Vol running in traffic to erase “Roll Tide” off the back of a truck and daringly scrawl “Go Vols” as it pulls away. This is taking a love of the Tennessee Volunteers to a daring new and stupid level. Only a hill person would think this one was worth it. The look of victory on his face as he jogs back to his car tells you he thinks he just did a daring deed worthy of song and story… and this is a story, so mission accomplished I guess.

You can also tell he’s a hill person because he throws the rag he was using off the side of the road, nothing like trash to tell you you’re in Tennessee after all. Do champions of life litter?

Some Vols this weekend decided to write something else though…

That’s right a Vol is asking for Butch Jones to be fired. This is very surprising considering how they all said he was better than Saban and they were championship bound this offseason. This also is now way for a champion of life to act right? Maybe he’s a champion of snow.

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