Vin Scully narrates fan’s marriage proposal

Vin Scully narrated a Dodgers fan's proposal to his girlfriend.
SportsNet LA

By AA Locker

Engagements at sporting events are usually pretty awful.

Well, unless Vin Scully is calling the game you get engaged at, of course, which is exactly what happened for one lucky couple on Friday night. Naturally, Scully narrated the engagement with a nice story. You can see the video here.

I love when Vin’s stories go nowhere. It’s so endearing, and he doesn’t try to force a punchline or moral into the story if there’s not one there.

But if you’re this couple, imagine your engagement being filmed … and having Vin Scully talk about it. That would be mind-blowing.

I just hope that their friends and relatives in Southern California had Time Warner so they could actually watch it live.

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