‘Victim 1’ hires lawyers in Penn State abuse case

The person known as ”Victim 1” in the Penn State child

sex-abuse case has hired legal counsel.

Philadelphia-area lawyers Michael Boni and Slade McLaughlin said

in a statement Monday that they have been retained to represent

Victim 1 and his mother.

Authorities say Victim 1 is among eight boys molested over 15

years by Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State assistant football

coach. Sandusky says he is innocent.

Boni says he anticipates filing a lawsuit against Sandusky and

others ”when the time is right.”

A grand jury began investigating Sandusky after Victim 1’s

mother reported Sandusky sexually assaulted her son in Clinton

County in 2008.

The attorneys say they have also represented victims of the

clergy sex-abuse scandal in the Philadelphia archdiocese.